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Problems with different sample frequency sessions

Discussion in 'Metric Halo' started by garethJones, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. garethJones

    garethJones Member

    I am trying to create a 48k session

    I set the MIO console to Internal Clock 48k

    I open Logic - and make a new session

    The default Logic session sampling frequency is 44.1K

    Logic switches the Metric Halo back to 44.1k


    Any pointers please.

  3. Allen Rowand

    Allen Rowand Member

    Change the sample rate in Logic.
  4. garethJones

    garethJones Member

    Thanks Allen :)

    Unfortunately that doesn't work. I can successfully create a 48k session by using the Internal Drivers, and then switching the Audio Drivers back to my Metric Halo/RME RayDAT aggregate device.
  5. Allen Rowand

    Allen Rowand Member

    Works fine here; try it with the ULN-8 only and see what happens. If it works, then it's either something with the RME driver or another aggregate "feature".
  6. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Allen and Gareth.

    FWIW, I have never had problems switching sample rates in Logic when using an Aggregate Device consisting of a 2882 and ULN 8.

    Using an aggregate device with two RME Fireface 800s was in contrast quite fiddly, it often took several attempts to get the RME devices to switch to the sample rate I wanted to use.

    Gareth, what happens with the MH unit on its own, and with the RME on its own?

    kind regards

  7. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Try this: make a new Logic file ay 48K, save and quit Logic, then make your system sample rate 48 K in audio midi, then reopen Logic and your new 48k session.
  8. garethJones

    garethJones Member

    Hey MArk

    ULN-8 alone behaves well, as expected. If I then swap to the Aggregate device (with RAYDAT) in Logic it stays 48k no problem.


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