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Problems with Loops not changing key when imported

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Tallmale, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Tallmale

    Tallmale New Member

    Hi there,

    I am a newbie with regards to using Logic Pro X and I have discovered that when I import a loop (which has a key of A sharp) from the Loops browser it does not appear to change key to the Project key which is C Major and so sounds out of tune.

    I have also discovered that when I check some of the loops in the Loops Browser in their original key by previewing them that they are not in key either. I checked this by playing over these loops in the scale they are supposed to be written in.

    Is there a way I can fix these issues? Because when I add a loop to my project I know its supposed to change key to the project key which was set when I first created the track. I also want to be able to add riffs and chords manually in the project key which is C Major and have everything sound as if its perfectly in tune.

    Many thanks.
  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member


    Regarding previewing loops in their original key, set the "Play in:" pop up (at the bottom of the Loops browser) to Original Key.

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