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Logic 9 problems with tuner insert

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by MGstudios, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. MGstudios

    MGstudios New Member

    Hello everyone,

    First off I'd like to say hello, as this is my first post to this forum. I hope I will be able to learn a lot from this community. Anyway, on to my question:

    I'm having trouble using the tuner insert when working with Logic's premade settings for guitars, bass, etc. Most of these presets include the tuner insert already, but for some reason when I try to use it the tuner doesn't respond. I've made sure that input monitoring is on and that the tuner isn't on bypass, but this doesn't make a difference. If I create a new track in put in the tuner insert myself rather than using a preset, I don't have this problem. This makes it possible for me to use the tuner and then switch back to the track I'm recording on, so it doesn't really stop me from getting my guitar tuned, it's just more of an inconvenience. Any suggestions?
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Make sure the tuner is first in the chain (top insert). I imagine some effects/distortion may make the pitch tricky to read.
  4. pkm

    pkm Member

    Sometimes you have to bypass other effects in the chain, even ones later in the chain than the tuner.
  5. 490440

    490440 New Member

    I use the peterson strobe flip tuner. Logics tuner like most every other tuner leaves too much room for error.

    I had used a korg tu8 for years and Always had to do a little tweaking after the tuner said the guitar was perfect. The Peterson tuner is much more accurate, it actually gets things tuned correctly without the tweaking afterwards. If your setting intonation a strobe style is the only way to go. For anything really.

    It also tracks fast enough you can chart chords with it.

    My .02 worth.

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