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Logic Studio apps Program change doesn't affect bus parameters

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by Pitk, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Pitk

    Pitk New Member

    Hi all!

    New here, I read through threads but did not find an answer.

    I've tried to make a corcert so that I assign stuff to busses and want to change effects and their parameters via program change. So far only SW instrument- and audio channels follow. ANy ideas?

    The reason for using buses is to make six ways surround sound with different effects on every output. Sadly surround effects are not supported in MS2.


  3. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Not sure what you're trying to do. Are you using the program changes to call up a new patch in MainStage and not getting the auxes to change? Make sure the auxes on are the right level - they need to be on the patch level.

    If you're trying to do something else, maybe a little more explaining?
  4. Pitk

    Pitk New Member

    Tjis was what it was all about. Now I managed to create aux-buses at patch level. Is there a quick qay to change buses from concert level to patch level?


  5. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Use cut and paste. Go to concert level, command X (assuming you no longer want the aux there) and navigate to your patch and paste.
  6. Pitk

    Pitk New Member

    Thank you!

  7. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    You're welcome!

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