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Logic TDM PTHD 8 + Logic 8 compability

Discussion in 'Logic TDM' started by oscar_wonderboy, May 7, 2010.

  1. oscar_wonderboy

    oscar_wonderboy New Member

    Anyone running the following:

    OSX 10.5.8 leopard
    PTHD 8...
    Logic 8...

    Just did a new install of leopard (used to run tiger 10.4.11+logic 7.2+PTHD7.1cs9) on my Powemac G5 2X2.5 and someone...updated all the way up to 10.5.8

    I was originally planning to run 10.5.4 and PTHD 7.4 with Logic 8
    But before I downgrade, since I am not sure PTHD 7.4 works with 10.5.8 (OR does it?)...I just wanted to know if logic 8 works with PTHD 8

  3. JFritz

    JFritz New Member

    Hi Oscar,
    I've tried the various combinations - my experience:

    1. G5 does not like Logic 8 with TDM, Leopard, etc. You've been using the best combo there is for a G5, Logic 7.2., PT 7.x on OS 10.4.9 or 11

    2. On a MacPro the combo 10.5.8., Logic 8.02 and PT 8.01cs1 works okay - using Firewire for native audio. Gave up on DTDM completely.

    Faced with the dim perspective for Logic/TDM, I finally moved to PT for audio & mixing using Logic Native for Midi, VI's, writing etc. And wish, I had done that years ago.

    Running PT and logic on the same machine, PT sending an SMPTE Audio Signal to a Unitor 8 syncing Logic. Ancient, but wonderful.

  4. oscar_wonderboy

    oscar_wonderboy New Member

    Thanks a lot for the input.
    Hm...from what I gathered I thought that 8 + 8 was a pretty stable setup but I didn´t realize that the actual hardware (my G5) was a factor in this...

    The only problem is that my G5 is SO much faster with my new 500 gb 7200 rpm Seagate + Leopard. It feels like at least twice as fast (!).

    Also I am running Leopard on my MacBook at home and I felt it would be easier to sync stuff on both computers if they were both running Leopard.

    Maybe I need to rethink...

    Thanks again/O
  5. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    i've worked a lot with 10.4.9 + logic 8 (latest one) + pt7.1cs2 + G5 dual 2.5
    No dtdm, core audio + tdm throu adat bridge.
    Not too bad config, i suggest you to stay on 10.4.x until you change your mac (or you drop logic TDM)
    atm i'm on a new mac pro and i'm using both togheter logic core audio + pro tools tdm, synched by IAC BUS (logic master), i've abandoned logic tdm completely.
    the only problem with this setup is when you insert some plug-in that does delay compensation, this cause the latency between logic and protools to change, so if you use audio/VIs on both you should encounter sligth sync problems (i've workarounded it btw), no problem if you use pt just as a mixer (if you do automations in PT there's to keep an eye on it anyway).
  6. oscar_wonderboy

    oscar_wonderboy New Member

    Thanks Tigerman. Appreciate you thoughts. I am trying to put a setup together now anyway with 10.5.8. Let´s see what happens. Otherwise I will go back to 10.4..

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