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Question about real time drum programming

Discussion in 'Music Creation' started by Wound, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Wound

    Wound New Member

    I've just recently gotten Logic 9 installed (started with 8), along with Toontrack Superior 2.0. I got an M-Audio Auxiom 49 midi keyboard today, to use for drum programming and other things. What I am wondering...when I program drums real time, I usually start out with the kick...then the snare then add other things. I do this with repeting a selection of the song. But if I stop the playback, then record again it records a new track on top o the other...is it possible to make it record into the same track, and also if something overlaps it will remove that. I'm used to programming drums on a drum machine, this is the process I'm used to there. I don't know if this is possible in Logic, but I thought I'd ask you guys :)

    Thanx for any help

    Kim c",)
  3. leytonnz

    leytonnz Senior member

    take a look at file/project settings/ recording..
    in the midi section where it says "overlapping recordings" choose one of the options that best fits.. one of the merge options..
  4. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    For the drum machine style programming that you want, go to the Record section of the Project Settings and in the "Overlapping Recordings" flip menu, choose "merge with selected regions" or "merge only in cycle record" - depending which you prefer.
  5. Wound

    Wound New Member

    thanx alot :) really apprechiate it!
  6. Wound

    Wound New Member

    another thing....is it possible to change some settings to maintain constant velocity?
  7. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    There's lots of ways of doing this. But here's one quick and dirty uncomplicated way that will get the job done:

    * Make sure everything is deselected in the Arrange Window.

    * In the Region Parameter Box, set the Dynamics field to the value "fixed" that is available in the little flip menu to the right of it.

    * Now all incoming velocities will be fixed at a value of 64.

    * To offset from this value, add or subtract numerically in the Velocity field directly above it (still with nothing selected. )

    Now all incoming real time midi notes will be fixed to the velocity value based on this offset from the default value of 64.

    * This is non destructive.
  8. Wound

    Wound New Member

    thank you :)

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