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Logic 9 Quicktime Music Synthesiser missing

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by peterlemer, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    in the plugin DLSMusicDevice, my SoundBank shows Quicktime Music Synthesiser greyed out.

    This means I've lost either the component or the link.

    As the field is grey, does this mean there are no other sound banks, and is this the default?

    any ideas please?

  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Pete, you don't mention any details of your system (you really should when posting about problems). My guess is, you are running Logic 9.1.0 or 9.1.1 in 64 bit Mode in Snow Leopard, in which case the Apple Quick Time Synth is not available. More here:


    Try again running Logic in 32 bit Mode.

    kind regards

  4. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    thanks for the admonition, mark! :) I have been rapped on the knuckles for posting L8 queries in here so I wouldn't dare - I assume L9 is taken for granted.
    Yes, it's Snow Leopard and L 9.1.1.

    And according to my application/get info, it's running in 32-bit mode already so there's some other reason for the missing sound bank

  5. willnubu

    willnubu Senior member

    Mines is gray also. I think it's because Quicktime Music Synth is the only DLS compatible device you have. Did you try to play or program some notes to hear if you at least get a piano sound out of it?
  6. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    well done, will - yes, it plays piano and responds to embedded program changes as per GM.

    thanks. Horrid sound, so I won;t be using that much, but are there other DLS devices? Is it possible to use this tool to get good sounds in there, or is EX24 the tool of choice for soundfonts?

    I also own Kontakt4, but I wonder if some sample players use fewer cpu resources than others for simple usage?

  7. willnubu

    willnubu Senior member

    Yeah, you can access other sounds, but I figured out how to load them in the DLS Music Device. From what I read, you can load soundfonts in it (user/library/audio/sounds/banks), but I haven't gotten it to work. Also from what I read, soundfonts loaded in the DLS device don't sound too good either, so EXS24 is still the best choice for soundfonts. As far as sample players and cpu resources, I have Kontakt4 player and the EXS24 still uses less ram than the Kontakt for certain sample libraries. I think, from what I saw on youtube (SFLogicNinja's youtube channel), it's because Logic allows you to access a certain amount of ram from within the program (check the youtube video "Using IAC to relieve the CPU"). I hope this helps. Peace

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