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Logic 8 Re-installing old IRs from Logic 7?

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by Alan, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Alan

    Alan New Member


    Several months ago, my boot drive failed and I lost all data from it. After re-installing Logic Studio 8 and attempting to use space designer, I noticed that there are folders of impulse responses missing from the previous Logic 7 that I had access to before the drive failed.

    A re-read of the Logic 8 install manual informs me that previous impulse responses are left untouched by the installer - which means I lost these after drive failure.

    I still have the Logic 7 install disks - can anyone here inform me of the best way to try and get these old IR’s back (I used the delay responses all the time!) without having to install all of Logic 7 which I don’t require?

    Is there a custom install routine just for the IR’s? Or, if not, isn’t there some sort of program that helps you extract material from install disks - I recall someone mentioning it in the forum earlier...

    Many thanks for your help...

  3. Alan

    Alan New Member

    already found solution...

    Well, surprisingly I found the answer to this specific issue. Here is the link:


    Note you have to read the entire string of the discussion before you get to the solution.

    I am posting this in case there is anyone else out there like me who is behind enough in their work that they're still coming to terms with Logic 8!


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