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Real external MIDI Patch list names in Logic Pro X?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Soniq2, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Soniq2

    Soniq2 New Member

    How can I get Logic Pro X to use the actual patch names of my external MIDI equipment?

    :Further details:
    I'm new to Logic Pro X (2 days new... :redface:).
    Currently I can get Logic Pro X to see my external MIDI devices but with none of the real patch names (currently sees everything as General MIDI).

    I have created XML based middev and midnam files but can't seem to tell Logic how to use these.

    I've begun looking into the Environment in Logic but at this point, I'm not getting it: :brkwl: :(

    My equipment includes:
    MOTU Micro Lite (5-port MIDI with USB). USB connected to my iMac.
    Connected to port 1: Yamaha MOXF8 (88-key synth)
    Connected to port 2: E-mu systems Proteus/2 (Orchestra)
    Connected to port 3: Alesis D4 (Drum Machine)
    Connected to port 4: Alesis QuadraVerb (Reverb)
    Connected to port 5: Nothin'



  3. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Hi Mike,

    You have to search the Internet for some Environment Multi Instruments (with pre-programed Patch Names) matching your Hardware MIDI Devices. If you can not find any, you have to program some Environment Multi Instruments with patch names manually. There is no way to send MIDI request and get names into the Multi automatically inside Logic.
    The former Emagic Sound Diver could do that in the pass...

    What comes to my mind is to try out the Midi Quest PRO. I have not tested it yet...
  4. Soniq2

    Soniq2 New Member

    Thanks Tangra

    I realize I worded my question wrong. Sorry :redface:

    I think I'm beginning to understand that I have to enter the patch names manually.
    I guess my difficulty is how?
    I've read the manual, but still don't see where I can enter the names.
    I'm assuming it must be done in what the manual calls the 'Environment'.

    However, I'm still not getting how to enter these names for my external MIDI instrument, even via the environment. :(

    P.S. Logic can see all of my devices (via Audio MIDI Setup), its just using the GM names instead of the real names of all the patches on the instruments.
  5. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Google "Logic Multi Instrument patch names".

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