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Reamping 11 Rack in Logic X

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by psychotoddler, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. psychotoddler

    psychotoddler New Member

    I'm trying to reamp a track in Logic X. Here's the setup:

    003 is the main audio interface with firewire/thunderbolt to iMac

    11R connected to 003 via S/PDIF and vice versa. Also amp out into input on 003 for direct record. 11R is also connected to iMac with USB but not using for Audio in Logic.

    In PT10, amping and reamping work fine.

    In Logic X, I successfully record wet and dry signals, using the amp out input and IN 17-18 for the wet (which seems to correspond to the SPDIF on the 003).

    So far so good.

    Here's the problem:

    I set the reamp circuit by creating a new Logic track with input from 17-18 (again, should be the SPIDF out from the 003), redirect the output of the dry recording to OUT17-18 (should be the SPDIF out?), and change the rig input on the 11R to digital L+R. Again, with PT 10, I get the reamp signal.

    with Logic, I get either nothing or squealing feedback.

    anyone out there get this to work? What am I doing wrong?
  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    First guess:
    Sounds as if you are feeding the incoming reamped signal to some output again when the record button is enabled.

    If it isn't already like this, try to set the output of the recording track to "No Output"
  4. psychotoddler

    psychotoddler New Member

    The output of the new channel is set to the stereo output (1-2). If I set it to something else or no output, the squeeling goes away because I can't hear it at all. It works fine in PT so it makes me wonder if Logic isn't quite routing the output back to the 11R the same way.
  5. psychotoddler

    psychotoddler New Member

    It seems like Logic is feeding the output of 1-2 back into the 11R on its own (I'm not routing it myself, just the SPDIF). I figured this out by plugging headphones directly into the rack and hearing the full mix going through the guitar processor. So maybe it's coming through the USB? I'm going to try to unplug the USB and see if it works. The USB is only being used by protools for the on-screen controls and those don't function in Logic anyway.
  6. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    I cannot further comment this, sorry, because I don't know your interfaces or preamps or whatever that is and now suddenly USB. I would just guess somewhere into the blue.

    But at least I can ensure that Logic works for reamping without any special tricks.

    The monitoring is confusing though.
  7. psychotoddler

    psychotoddler New Member

    It's pretty simple (at least, so I thought). Digi003 to computer via firewire/thunderbolt. That's the main interface.

    11R plugs into Digi003 via S/PDIF. So Logic sees 11R only as something plugged into 003.


    11R also has a USB connection to the computer. This is in case I want to use it as the interface and not a side processor. It's also so that ProTools can control the settings on the 11R with an app (not available for Logic, tho).

    Now, Logic should NOT be using the 11R USB connection but I think that secretly it is. So I'll try unplugging and see what happens!
  8. psychotoddler

    psychotoddler New Member

    OK, it's NOT the USB. I disconnected it and I'm still getting the full output of Out 1-2 into the spdif input on the 11R. So I think that's the issue. Why is Logic directing 1-2 to the spdif?
  9. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, straight chain now:
    Mac <—> Digi003 <—> 11R
    Logic sees the 11R as channels, they are provided by the Digi.
    You do not want Logic to send to the 11R but it does.

    If Logic sends to the 11R you must see this in Logic, in the output channelstrip that goes to the 11R channels. Maybe you have previously routet to the 11R but deleted output- or aux channelstrips.

    If you see all output channelstrips (Digi and 11R) and there is no signal in any channels but 1-2, then it's not Logic. It's the Digi, that sends to the 11R.

    Probably a digi configuration you used previously.
  10. psychotoddler

    psychotoddler New Member

    But I use the same configuration in Protools and the 003 doesn't route the stereo mix to the spdifs. I think logic is including out 1-2 in the spdif (out17-18). But I'm not sure how or why.
  11. psychotoddler

    psychotoddler New Member

    OK I figured it out:

    In the Avid CoreAudio Manager Preferences there was a check next to "Mirror analog outs 1 & 2 to digital outs (002/003)".

    I unchecked it and viola, normal reamping!

    Well this was helpful to me! Thanks!

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