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Logic 9 Recent Pro Tools HD switcher needs help PT1 :)

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Ru_C, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Ru_C

    Ru_C New Member

    Hello Logic Folks, i've got a few questions, even after some late nights R.T.F.M'ing.

    I'm a long time DAW user (Protools, Cubase), but am just learning Logic for a job.

    Rather than start lots of threads, I thought i'd pop a few questions in each thread, this ones about the mixer.

    1) Is there any way to assign mixer fader movements to key commands? I'm wanting to turn whatever track is selected up & down using the "+ & -" keys, in .1db steps ?

    2) Is there any way to make the faders longer onscreen in the mixer?

    3) Can all plugins on a channel be bypassed & then switched-on again at the same time?

    Thanks in advance for any help :)
  3. Badger

    Badger Member


    You're after "Decrease/Increase last clicked parameter by 10 (or 1)" - Two separate key commands assignable to any key you want as is the tradition in logic. - works on any mixer function but not plug ins

    I have a lot of my key commands set to the same as in Pro Tools so I don't go mad.

    No way to increase fader length afaik. By the way, the way to increase the level of an automated track is by apple-dragging the yellow bar in the track start area.

    I think if you reset the channel strip it will come back with undo with the same settings (or you can save the channel just to make sure. That's the only way I know. There's a selective import of other project's channel strip settings just as in PT. Got that on shift-option I.

    Also you might be interested that a control-click on the play button will give you some PT-like transport options.

    Other things I like that PT DOESN'T have:
    Clear solo. I have this set to escape
    Channel solo by key command
    Two levels of solo: one in the arrange which is lockable (see "set solo lock mode" and "reselect solo-locked regions")
    Curves on automation (at least not in PT 6)
    If you sweep the mouse across adjacent solo/mute buttons in the arrange they all respond

  4. Ru_C

    Ru_C New Member

    Ah yes, i've got that working (set to - & = here , as i'm on a laptop)

    V.Useful in it's own right, but one still has to click on a fader first. I was hoping to jump from track to track with the arrow keys, & nudge the volume of the currently selected track with +/= keys.

    Can this be done

    Right ! I think the first thing i did was just to change Zoom in/out & record to the fixed PT key commands. It's *so* nice having assignable Key commands back. Why they never introduced it in PT escapes all, er Logic..

    Nice ! That would have taken me ages to find !

    Many thanks for the reply

    They did finally get around to adding automation curves & channel solo Key command in PT btw..

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