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Logic 9 recently switched tons of questions

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by seffro, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. seffro

    seffro New Member

    I have just switched to Logic from PT and this is my first post on the forum so sorry if its long.

    When I make a new headphone mix it adds an out put channel as well so I delete the output channel because it annoys me. I can change the output level by using the aux fader so whats the point?

    Is there a way to make logic not create all these output channels?

    I am using lp logic control for ipad. It has control for the first aux and the master fader conveniently on the right of the screen regardless of which other 8 faders you have selected.

    I would like to use that fader to turn down just my monitors and not affect the outputs going to the headphones. Ive found that if I delete the master fader it will control just the stereo output. However every time I create a new output it adds a master fader and the ipad switches to that so I have to delete again. How can I stop Logic from creating a master fader every time?

    The other fader on the first page of the ipad has to be Aux 1. So whatever I want to control with this has to be aux 1. is there a way to change an aux number on an aux send?

    Is there a key command to make all the audio strips the same size and fit to the screen in the arrange window?
    in Pro tools its ctrl opt cmd up arrow
  3. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    What do you mean by "new headphone mix"?
    By default, Logic has the Output set to a stereo channel 1 and 2.
    Check in the Audio preferences (I/O) to change this. Alternately, when you create a new track, you could adjust these settings with the first dialog box that opens.
    I don't get how you proceed to create tracks and route them to your audio card!? Could you post a screen capture of your Arrange and Mixer window?
    The master fader as you could see, controls the overall volume of the entire mixer. You could probably set your headphones on different output channels (such as 3 and 4), and control the volume of your monitors routed to the channels 1 and 2 (set by default to Stereo Output) via its own distinct fader.
    If lp mirror what shows in the Logic Mixer window, try customizing the latter, using the filter and view buttons. Pay also attention to the section regarding the Arrange button, especially if lp mirror the Arrange tracks layout...
    You definitely need to familiarize yourself with the signal flow in Logic using the busses...
    By "audio strips", do you mean audio regions? There are several key commands options to adjust the display zoom or to select and affect regions, that you could customize to suit your needs, but I am not aware of one specific key command that does what you describe.

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