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Record Enable Button suddenly sending Midi ?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by PaulLawler, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. PaulLawler

    PaulLawler New Member

    I have an odd problem which has just started in the last hour or so.

    If I click the record (R) button on an audio track, which starts the usual pre-record on and off flashing of the red R button, somehow this flashing button has started sending out midi note data across all 8 midi out ports of my Unitor 8 for every flash on and off.

    I've tried all the obvious MIDI options and cannot see anything obvious. All SMPTE and MIDI Clock is disabled.

    Any ideas ? It also does it on L9 now too.

    I have rebooted, re-cabled etc etc

    Any ideas before I move to Cubase ? ;)
  3. PaulLawler

    PaulLawler New Member

    Just an edit :
    It seems this is not just with the UNITOR but also external synths via USB. The R button is sending (currently) Midi ch2, C0 at 127 velocity everytime it flashes off....
  4. PaulLawler

    PaulLawler New Member

    Well I think it's actually a Logic X bug and the reason I haven't noticed it before is because all of my external synths were mono, and attaching the multi-timbral Analog 4 today has highlighted it. So no midi Ch2 anywhere and everything is fine .....
  5. PaulLawler

    PaulLawler New Member

    Phew fixed case anybody else gets this problem, you have to go to Control Surfaces and delete the option for controlling an external "RECORDING" light which Logic does via Midi, and seemingly without me telling it to !

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