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Record Velocity change/ cc7 in real time / control voltage for lights

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by sheriffderek, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. sheriffderek

    sheriffderek New Member

    I have some "light-master" power-strip-like things that allow you to control voltage sent to lights with midi. Basically you send it a note-on event 1-127 and the light is as dim or as bright as you hit the note. What I would really like to do is find a way to record long swells between the different lights.

    Stabbing lights on and off it very limited in effect. It seems like this should be fairly easy. I've played with breath and p-press and a bunch of things with no luck.

    Here is a link to the manual: - I am not interested in DMX or anything that chases. My main purpose is to have the same event that triggers the musical notes, trigger the lights with no lag.

    Maybe I can record drawn out breath and rout it as pretend velocity? Or something of that nature.

    "The Light Master is a MIDI device that responds to 4 types of commands: Program Change,
    Control Change, Note On/Off, and Poly Aftertouch."

    "Dimming is accomplished through the use of three MIDI commands: 'Note On', 'Poly
    Aftertouch,' and 'Control Change'. A typical Light Master configuration would have the
    Note On, Note Off, and Control Change modes enabled. Each mode has its benefits for
    particular situations. For example, Control Change may facilitate the use of sliders, whereas
    Note On/Off may provide ease when operating quick hits on keyboard keys or controller
    buttons. The instructions provided are written using Control Change references, but Poly
    Aftertouch and Note On modes may be substituted."

    I couldn't really see the "instructions provided" anywhere in the Manual.

    What I would really like to have happen, is to record a 16 bar note. Then go back and record me turning a knob over that to build the crescendo. When I move the velocity up and down with my mouse it is so smooth. I was able to do this with max msp in the past.

    It seems so close... the note-on - and then it just needs to record velocity change.

    If pitch and mod can send smooth transitions of midi signal, how can I get velocity acting that way - or some other CC message taking it's place?

    Any ideas? I will be sooo happy if I can get this working! Thanks!

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