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Logic 9 Recording issue, skipping input audio - playback ok

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by mrsoulsound, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. mrsoulsound

    mrsoulsound New Member

    I have an interesting problem that occurs when recording or monitoring input signal. After a few minutes it's as if I've lost sync and the audio becomes choppy and mutilated but the playback is still fine on the rest of the session.

    I am running into a Ramsa Da7 mkII, into a profire lightbridge, and into logic.

    The issue repeats itself in PT 8 m-powered as well.

    I have replaced lightpipe cabling and tried every configuration of sync I can think of. I have also changed cards on the da7 to rule out a failing expansion card. I swapped out firewire cables too but nothing has changed.

    The only temporary solution:
    When I switch the sync in the m-audio program for the lightbridge or reconfigure the ins and outs the problem goes away but comes back in a few minutes.

    I am baffled :brkwl:

    Any ideas are most welcome.

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