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Logic 9 Recording Voice Not Synchronized IN/OUT

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by LoboSolitario, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. LoboSolitario

    LoboSolitario New Member

    Have had this problem for months, and the solution is doing MUTE on the track I am recording as it is impossible to sing on time if what I hear from my voice comes micro seconds after my singing. (So I hear from headphones the music track and from my inside my voice recording)

    This was not always, for long I was doing all recording voices perfectly but I might touch something made the synchronicity out.

    As always I thought this was easy to solve, for months I've been reading tutorials, watching videos and nothing works for me. Maybe I am not looking the right place. Maybe I am not making the right question in Google. Normal problems in someone spanish dealing with english.

    All these I've tryed:
    Buffer, Lattency, from Preferences Menu
    Retardation (Retardo) from Audio Track Menu​

    Is not a problem from my Midi Audios as I use 3 and all is the same

    Yesterday a "Light" come to me and tested Garage Band (GB) and God it Works Perfect. Try to find the speceifications to make the same numbers in Logic 9 (L9) but seems GB as less professional gives no details. So I tryed to record my voices there exporting an AIFF with the music (previously produced in L9). Beautifull. But when I export the voices recorded in GB to L9 (in the same tempo and vel 4/4 120 bpm) that voice audio recorded in GB loose its timing in L9 and I am sorry for that because it was fun recording voices from GB and the simple tools from GB are great to work for me, or maybe I am over saturated in resources (I do also have all suite Komplete 10 Ultimate). Yes I know L9 has all GB plugins and audio units, but Audio Track Tools looks beautifull in GB interface design.

    So if possible a second question: How can I record my voices in GB and have them in AIFF as perfect syncronized to the same music and work next all in L9
  3. LoboSolitario

    LoboSolitario New Member

    I am making another try meanwhile some answer comes. Opened a new L9 document and surprise, the voice come on time (feddback) when recording.

    But why if master and track (audio) values are the same?
    Master Track
    120 bpm 4/4 (in)
    130 /16 (out)​
    Preferences Audio
    Buffer 512
    Latency -2585
    What I am doing now is copy every midi instrument track from the old L9 document to the new.
    Also copying and pasting all midi data for each track

    Maybe is the old L9 has some corruption, or any value I could change not considering this damage, it is frequent when I make studies I work in the song I am working at the moment. The problem I undestand was as long as I was always working recording voices with a hand of songs I am creating. And I had not doing recording voice in other songs

    The problem is solved in certain ways. I still have the doubt why those L9 documents are giving this problem

  4. LoboSolitario

    LoboSolitario New Member

    I came again to say that my situation remains the same with that L9 document song. The feedback by the headphones of my voice while I am recording it is again delayed. The one I made this time was copy/paste each track configuration (instruments) to a new L9 document and creating the first audio track for recording is the same.

    Might be the number of instruments ? There are 19 but I work in 32 bits and the used memory report is only 7.03 Mega. I work with 32 GB Ram memory 2.7 Ghz Intel Core5 and OX10 Yosemite 10.10.5

    The next I am going to tray is to bounce the track to make other L9 and there all the instruments software will be out, only the audio track bounced. Hope this can help the recording of my voice I can lisent what I voice record on the same time
  5. LoboSolitario

    LoboSolitario New Member

    Looks is working at first testing ... anyway if this work this way, it is the answer so many instruments make L9 problems of feedback voice when recording it. If there is any answer for this, ... Thanks !
  6. LoboSolitario

    LoboSolitario New Member

    PROBLEM NOT SOLVED: And I found a new issue on this. The new L9 I oppened has the same 120 and 4/4 ... when I sing on instruments track I never use "Metronomo" so I feel more comfortable with the music track I made. But as the problem persist, thinkin I could be "out of time" while singing, I turned on the Metrónomo and I found that the Track with my music do not follow the same tempo as the Metrónomo (must be readed my previous post).

    Now definitly I don't understand nothing, and lisent. I was doing perfectly for years, this is from some months to now

    Please if any thoughts about
  7. bambony

    bambony Administrator Staff Member

  8. LoboSolitario

    LoboSolitario New Member

    I tried your recomendation bambony but the result is as if I make "Mute" to the channel while I am recording and that is the way I was and am doing. So still the question is open.

    By the way, about Latency: I've changed from one extrem to the other this value and can't fell any difference. By your experience is there something like "A Good Universal Latency Value" so I can st this parameter in a proper way. Or latency depends on every song piece ?

    Thanking your support bambony
  9. LoboSolitario

    LoboSolitario New Member

    ADD LIMIT (plug in) That is the problem.

    I discover the plug in some months ago and Loved it, since it make easier to deal in Mastering when I want to get fast to a good level of volume avoiding picks. Yes I tink it is not too profesional from my side, but I do not work for others but only for myself and sometimes I got in desesperation trying to have all audio signals in place.

    I tryed turning off all the plug ins in my audiovoice channel and almost "voila" the retardation was less and more close to my voice recording. Turning on one by one I found that ADD LIMIT was the problem. More when also :pop:I have an ADD LIMIT in the Master Output. So, I have doubled :errr:ADD LIMIT when only one do the unconfortable delay when recording.

    I see ADD LIMIT in the hidden menu has LOOKAHEAD to configure and it is at 50 ms ... this I am seeing right now while I am doing these lines. Maybe there is the retardation reason, I will experiment in next days

    Before ending these lines I made another try record
    setting OFF the ADD LIMIT Voice Track and Output Track.

    And BINGO :angel: it is so nice to record voice again
    with my headphones listening both (instrument tracks and voice while recording)​

    So there is the PROBLEM and the SOLUTION ...

    Hope can help others, and thanks by the readings, answer and attention

  10. LoboSolitario

    LoboSolitario New Member

    Excuse me, the precise term is not "Delay" but "Retardation·
  11. bambony

    bambony Administrator Staff Member


    As you have discovered using plugins can cause latency due to "delay compensation". The Ad-Limiter has a "lookahead" function which requires a lot of compensation and causes latency.


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