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Logic 9 Regions not selected after cycle recording

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Sascha Franck, May 10, 2010.

  1. Sascha Franck

    Sascha Franck Senior member

    This is new in Logic 9 and *absolutely* annoying.
    Whenever a take folder is created (so you're into recording for more than just one cycle), the regions/takes aren't selected anymore, so you can't quickly delete, flatten, loop, whatever them.

    IIRC this bug was introduced with 9.01 and never got fixed. I already reported it numerous times on Apples feedback site.

    It's getting most annoying along with the (also otherwise almost completely destroyed) "capture last take as recording" feature.

    Needless to say that this is no issue with Logic 8, where everything is working as supposed.

    And fwiw, this is reproduceable on any machines running a newer version than 9.0.

    - Sascha
  3. Sascha Franck

    Sascha Franck Senior member

    Sorry for replying to myself, but this is *really* getting long in the teeth.
    As someone mainly recording himself, I'm absolutely used to just record, find the recorded take(s) less than ideal and instantly delete it/them. All this can be done without ever grabbing the mouse (quite a not too shiny idea when recording guitars). Completely impossible when using L9.

    I really miss the times when each and every Logic update contained quite some improvements in the handling department. These days, Apple doesn't care anymore about that - and quite sometimes there's more "features" being messed up than what's being fixed. "Capture last take as recording" is a prime example, it's nothing but a joke, compared to how absolutely elegant it once has been.
    How do we tell them Apple developers that there's actually some users that deeply *loved* quite some functions? It's totally frustrating to see how these functions apparently aren't taken care off anymore - more to the opposite, they're a frequent target of whatever "let's mess things up a bit more" scenarios.

    Just had to do a somewhat long-ish guitar recording session and all this is driving me nuts. I'm about to switch back to L8, regardless of how much I like some L9 features. Some essentials are just broken.

    - Sascha
  4. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    I agree Sascha...

    I preferred "capture last take" like it used to be... it would only capture the last pass if you were looping, not the way it does now (recording every pass into a take folder buffer). I also find the way the loop can have the beginning or end in the wrong spot to be a bit embarrassing when teaching someone the function.

    And these "out of memory" errors showing up when Logic's memory in the activity monitor is only 1.8 gig... used to be you could get to 2.5 THEN the issues would start. Logic now is less usable as it was. If only we had V7 efficiency with V9 features.

    So, you are not alone in thinking that Logic has a few "one step forward, 2 step back" issues going on now.

    And when are we going to be able to select more than 1 track at a time to move things up or down in the arrange window (or mixer for that matter)?. It is so frustrating explaining that "that's just the way Logic (?) works" to new users and some very serious composers I work with.

    I hope these issues get figured out. And sooner than later.

    George Leger III
  5. Sascha Franck

    Sascha Franck Senior member

    In addition, it's quite a weird thing that your normal MIDI recording preferences (in this case "no take folders" or whatever) have absolutely no effect on "capture last take". There's always take folders created and they aren't selected (the latter, all too clearly, being a bug).
    For someone new to Logic, these might be small issues. But for anybody who's worked (and loved it!) with CLT for the last, say, decade, this is a straight slap in the face.
    It's only since the event of Logic 9 that I've actually "recorded" MIDI data. Simply because CLT is broken so much. With any previous version - well, I can't even rememeber the moment I actually pressed my record KC when dealing with MIDI. I always used CLT.
    Admittedly, the bug that the "flatten" command for MIDI take folders has been fixed in 9.1.1, but how much is that worth when the created take folder isn't selected? Extra "mouse work" - just as in so many areas.

    I think it's a lot of us "oldtimers" thinking that way.

    I've actually never been embarassed about that until recently, when I had to re-order a whole bunch of tracks in a whole bunch of songs. I prefer "working" on the lowest tracks/regions and also like to have a certain track mixer organisation (these days, the Environment mixer, which is what I've used exclusively until L8, is a complete mess, but that's another story...). Being able to move multiple tracks simultaneously would be a great improvement for such tasks.

    Just don't hope too much. It seems as if those issues aren't adressed anymore.
    As an example: Ever since L8, the local menu pulldowns don't behave like normal pulldowns anymore. When you open one pulldown menu, you can usually "hover" on to the next menu without selecting it again (with a mouseclick, that is). This is an OSX-wide "convention" (well, it's also "Windows-wide"). It obviously used to work with Logics local submenus, too. Since L8 it doesn't anymore. And it still doesn't in L9. In neither version.
    I mean, come on, this is a system-wide feature. And Logic is a part of Apple. Yet, this "normal" feature doesn't work.

    Same with window focusing. Do you have any problems to see which is the active window in most programs under OSX? No, you don't, simply because there's the colored "window buttons" (red, orange, green). Has been like that for the internal windows in Logic, too. But with L8 they decided to change this to their socalled "Pro Application" look. Which, apart from making several things a lot harder (such as actually being able to read in several menus, due to the massively reduced font size...), is just clueless. Even with the somewhat "enhanced" window focusing indices of L9 (in fact, they're a joke), you still have a tough time to see which window is the active one. Why is that? I mean, it's almost (no, it's indeed not almost, but always) something systemwide. Active windows have colored "window buttons". Spotting the active window/program isn't an issue at all. Not so with Logic (and probably some more of Apples socalled "Pro Applications"). Spotting an active window is quite like a "hit or miss" game. This has been an issue for many Logic users ever since L8. And it hasn't been adressed at all (unless you want to call the "white blink" that informs you about a KC being invalid for an active window as "being adressed properly" - which nobody with a clue would do).

    I think the list of things falling into a similar category is getting really long. On very rare occasions, they may get fixed (such as the floating extended parameter box, which was missing through all L8 incarnations), most of the time, they aren't. I have carefully reported many of these issues through Apples very own feedback formular. I'm sure quite some others have done so, too. They don't get adressed, though. Very frustrating!


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