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Running A Home Cinema off Logic

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by chimpchamper, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. chimpchamper

    chimpchamper New Member

    Hi all -

    I have a macbook pro retina (early 2013) and i'm trying to find out the smartest way to run a home theatre setup off it.

    I'm a film composer using Logic X, and i'd like to be able to stream a movie to a big screen from Logic as well as the audio i'm working on to a surround sound setup - but ideally also have the sound simultaneously out of my normal audio interface (or at least easily and quickly switch between my audio interface and surround setup). This way I can be working as usual whilst a client can listen from the surround / big screen area.

    Would Apple TV be the solution for this, or not ideal? If so, any detailing of exactly the setup and components i'd need would be awesome.

    Also any recommendations for screens and surround systems welcome!

    Thanks in advance for any help / thoughts.


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