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Running a SSD as startup drive

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by daveyboy, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    I just decided to upgrade my 4 year old Mac by getting a Crucial 512gb SSD drive. I'm going to make that my system drive. I'm excited to get a speed boost to tide me over for a year or so. Is anyone else here running an SSD's as either their startup drives and/or music or sample drives and if so how do you like it?

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  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    No personal experience, but this was an interesting view:

    Prices are still too steep for me.

    But, on a tangent, this is really intriguing:

    The Data Doubler can be used with SSD or regular hd. The optical drive becomes an external via this: World Computing/VLSS9TOPTU2/

    I'm thinking about using a Data Doubler to have Kontakt and MachFive 3 sample libraries inside my MBP vs on an ext hd.
  4. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    This is what got me looking around this week! I found the Crucial brand, 512gb for $400 on Amazon. I'm sure down the road these things will be much cheaper.

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  5. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    It came with my MBP 17". And I was amazed by the speed and performance of this.
    I found that over time (a couple of years now), the boot up is getting longer gradually. Is this me getting spoiled? Partly, but really...
    However it is still faster than those equipped with the mechanical drives, no doubt.
    Besides the price, SSD compares advantageously on almost every aspects and I don't regret the extra $ spent at all!
  6. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    Wow, wow, wow!!! I popped the new drive in my 08' Mac pro last night and cloned my start up drive to it and it's working great today, zero issues. My computer boots up in like 20 seconds now where before it took well over a minute. I'm seriously considering getting another one for my project drive. Thoughts on that? I also discovered I can put a drive in my 2nd optical bay so I got an adapter bracket from owc coming for that. There's an extra hidden sata port behind the fans that it'll hook into. I'll probably put the drive I took out last night into that bay as its in a FireWire enclosure right now.
  7. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Very exciting news!!!

    Here's an interesting read regarding an SSD for audio.

    If you have a lot of RAM to load samples, then the hd may not be all that active or stressed.

    It certainly makes sense to have the SSD for OS and apps. Might make $$$ and sense at this time to go with separate SATA 7200 rpm drives for samples and project/audio files.

    Seems like in time, SSD will the be the (affordable) standard ;)
  8. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    Yeah I saw that. I have 4 drives in the thing now with 4 externals. I think the big thing is that the mac feels "new", which is fun. I can only imagine getting a new machine at some point in the next year or two and using the ssd....
    I had 2 different sessions today. I ping ponged back a forth a few times by opening and closing the 2 projects and was amazed at how fast each one loaded even though they're on a normal drive. Maybe the cache on the ssd is way faster.
  9. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    I've been working for almost a week now with the new SSD and everything has been great. Zero problems. Now I'm investigating getting one for my music drive. As as experiment I ran a project off of the SSD which was making the hd meter hit about the half way mark. When running the same object from the SSD the hd meter was barely on. The only thing I've read is that SSDs don't write as fast as standard mechanical drives. I'd be willing to bet though that this is negligible as it seems that overall my performance would be greatly improved by running audio from one as my experiment proved. Anyone have any experience using the SSDs as their project drive?

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