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Safari freezing

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by shreddersinc, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    This just started yesterday latest version of safari will freeze up the computer w/latest version of snow leopard. I can shut down all apps by command tab but thats it frozen. Have to hold power button down to restart computer!
    Trying to send a message through apples mail, and today right away filling out a simple form, not sure if it happens when I press return or use the number pad....Any ideas? Note-last week I couldn't mount dvd's...still can't, called apple support I'm still under warranty but there are bills I pay online.
  3. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    Think I figured it out...I had mouse key enabled on my numeric pad, everything seems ok now.
  4. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    This is a bug ^ and could drive you nutz, I did report it to apple. I'm just glad I figured it out in a couple of days. I'll admit I was scared as I couldn't do anything!
    I now know why the pro's talk about trashing preferences.
  5. rksst228

    rksst228 New Member

    i like to use firefox instead of safari. never liked safari.

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