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salsa bass

Discussion in 'Music Creation' started by peterlemer, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    I am working on a salsa project and have bumped into a problem with the bass.

    It's acoustic upright, and I'm finding that I can't get it to sound like so many on the big band cuban and NY salsa music I listen to. It's rather fat and woolly. I've compressed and EQd but can't quite get the punch and definition I want.

    Any tips and tricks available for this particular genre?

    One simple option is go electric, fretted or fretless, but I think much of the earlier recordings were done using upright.

    Is the secret of successful montuna/tumbao sound simply in the fingers of the muso?

    ( my bassist is very good, though from the prog-rock stable)

  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    FWIW, my experiences with Salsa music have been with E-Bass, although our Big Band bassist switches between Contrabass and electric depending on what we are playing.

    I must ask him why he prefers E-Bass for Salsa, he usually plays with a relatively slank, slightly percussive sound - I would describe it as "light" or "floating", and not at all Bass heavy. I am sure he will say, it is 99% in his fingers!

    Here are a couple of examples:



    kind regards

  4. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    thanks very much, mark - splendid, in fact!

    yes - a very clear and precise sound - perfect for the job.

    If you do ask him about this, also ask whether there's any reason he might prefer fretted to fretless ( if indeed that's his preference).

    Also, do you have any examples of his double bass sound in the big band?

  5. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Always a pleasure, Peter! I should mention though, those video clips are NOT from our bassist.

    He plays a fretted E-Bass, haven't seen him with fretless.

    Sorry no, he hasn't been with us that long, we haven't recorded anything in quite a while.

    kind regards


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