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Logic X Sampled Instruments sounding doubled

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by karlfest, May 6, 2016.

  1. karlfest

    karlfest New Member

    Just tonight many instruments now sound doubled and out of phase ie as if triggered twice, Typically affects instruments that rely on samples e.g. all library ESX programs. Audio loops seem OK, Drum Designer OK. Drummer tracks play ok but hitting keys in Drummer tracks sounds doubled. Virtual synths seem OK. I doubt it's midi thru issues, as it happens with old songs that played back fine before. Happens when playing, recording and on playback.
    E.g, Rhodes sounds out of phase and cancels out. ESX Drums sound thin and out of phase.
    Have rebooted everything, including tc konnekt 24d audio /midi device.
    Cubase works fine so I trust the device, and the doubling effect happens with built in speakers too.
    Fiddled with software monitoring off and on, doesn't help.

    The last thing I did before was drop a group of Drum samples into an ESX window to make a new instrument. Any suggestions welcome
    Thanks for any tips
  3. karlfest

    karlfest New Member

    Solved it! Apologies, it appears to be the midi controller. had the Apple keyboard resting on top, it has jiggered with the MIDI settings. Instead of playing/sending out one midi channel it was sending multiples. Stoopid user error!

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