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Logic 9 Sampler track quality ?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Roman Che, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    Hi !
    May be this a stupid question, but search can't help me :/

    Where i can change the quality of Sampler track ?
    May be it's a wrong question, and i need chahge some global presets..

    I ask because when i try to create samples from any synth - the resulting sound quality is much worse instead of original sound :(

    "Much worse" - i mean about lost some high overtones, some "edges", hight frequencies.. Don't know why. What the best preset for catching nice samples quality ? I use EXS24 sampler, work in 24 bit ]\ 44100
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    How are you creating your samples? And what are you sampling? Also, when you record your sounds, if you record 1 note into Logic, and then play it back compared to the source sound, is it the same?

    If it doesn't sound the same on playback, your converters are so-so, it should be close to the same.

    Also, are the filters turned off in the EXS? they can cute the frequency if not programmed correctly.

    Finally, open the little "options box in the EXS interface, select Preferences, and then you can see the quality tab. Change things there (they are usually set to best, so I don't know what else might be your issue).
  4. Roman Che

    Roman Che New Member

    I use instrument track - i have MIDI region with some up-stepping notes. Then i just do "Bounce in Place" and then convert to sample track.

    All ok with EXS - that was some my mistakes in EXS24 groups and transposition.. My samples created in Logic was transposed 1 octave down in MS and this sounds as worse quality. Stupid mistake... I'm new in Logic and MS (and in OSX) I've done tons of tests in last 4 hours - all ok with quality in EXS24... (but i need to test how to create samples with 88200 Hz instead of 44100 Hz - for hi end quality. Just for interest.. Sometimes it needed for low low pitch-down)

    So.. Bad habit here - "doing before reading", or "doing before thinking".
    And also "writing before testing" :redface:
    Thanks georgelegeriii, you always first with help..

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