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Logic 9 Save complete project

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by guitarmann13, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. guitarmann13

    guitarmann13 Member

    I'm sure there is a way to do this but I can't figure it out. A friend and I want to work together on a project. He saved the project and sent it to me. But it is missing some linked files or settings. I get several 'missing' errors when I open it and several of the tracks don't play. How can you save a project so that everything it uses is included in the project file?

    Any help will be great.

  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Do as "save copy as" and check everything, and save it to a new location on your drive.

    Before you do that though, get them to open the audio bin, the "select Unused" and press clear. That way any files they might have accidentally deleted or lost are not going to be required, only the files that are used in the song.
  4. leytonnz

    leytonnz Senior member

    or :file> project >consolidate
  5. guitarmann13

    guitarmann13 Member

    Awesome!! Thanks for the help.

  6. guitarmann13

    guitarmann13 Member

    Doesn't get any easier than that.

    Thanks again

  7. guitarmann13

    guitarmann13 Member

    We tried this but we still seem to be missing some of the files. We are using dropbox. He consolidated the file and copied it to his dropbox folder on his Mac. I have my Mac synced with dropbox as well using the same username and password so the file is now present on my system. Is there anything special I need to do on my end when I open the consolidated project file?

    FYI, my partner is extremely new to computers and recording and it is very possible that he is not completing the steps correctly on his end. I just want to make sure there is nothing on my end that I'm missing.
  8. guitarmann13

    guitarmann13 Member

    Issue resolved. My friend got some help on his end and it worked fine.

    Thanks for the help.
  9. guitarmann13

    guitarmann13 Member

    Regarding consolidate in Logic. If I create drum parts in a 3rd party plugin like Addictive drums, consolidate the project and send it to my friend, will he need Addictive drums installed to play those tracks?

    Right now I'm not crazy about the drum sounds available with Logic Express 9. Especially the snare sounds. I'm thinking about getting a 3rd party plugin and I'm wondering if my partner in this project will need to purchase the plugin as well.

    Thanks in advance,
  10. leytonnz

    leytonnz Senior member

    will he need Addictive drums installed to play those tracks?

    - yes
  11. leytonnz

    leytonnz Senior member

    bounce them down as audio files.
  12. guitarmann13

    guitarmann13 Member

    Thanks for the help.

    Newbie question. If I bounce them to audio files will I still have the original midi files if I want to make edits to them later or do I need to make sure they are absolutely finished before I bounce them?
  13. leytonnz

    leytonnz Senior member

    just bounce, and put the audio on another track.. and keep the original midi for changing later, then bounce again for sending to your collaborator. Im not sure if LExpress has "bounce in place" but use that if you can.
  14. guitarmann13

    guitarmann13 Member

    Awesome and thanks again for the help.

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