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Logic X saving channel strip as performance

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by madelefant, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. madelefant

    madelefant Senior member

    I'd never used this before and found a need for it. I'm dumfounded at how poorly this works. I was setting up some presets for well, switching during a performance and I had aux channels set up for live inputs so as to use the plugins live i.e. guitar amp stuff etc. Heres the first thing that is terribly frustrated. When you save the performance, you are asked to pick an program change number. Regardless of the number you pick, it assigns them sequentially from 1 to 128 depending on how many you have already saved. This renders it almost useless if you are going to change your live setup at any point. If you want to re-order them or make changes to the settings, you have to go and toss out the saved performance or all of them (in order to reorder what program number changes what). On top of that, when saving a channel strip as a performance (if anyone remembers when auxes first came along they were promoted as being specifically for live input processing) the midi program changes won't work for the auxes. The darned thing changes a regular input channel strip. Sometimes it is the focused one. Sometimes its not.

    As I said, I find it hard to believe this actually works this poorly. And that is only the half of it. There were so many glitches, performance is the last thing anyone would want to use these for. Shoddy work on Apple's part. No other way to color it.

  3. madelefant

    madelefant Senior member

    For anyone who might run into this i've figured out how to deal with it. If you save a performance and you need to a adjust the proram number, if you find the track/peformance folder, the prefix of the saved peformance is 000 (3 digit 1 through 128). Changing that prefix changes the program number it responds to. But heres the ruse. If you change something in the preset and you want to overwrite with the new version, it wont do it. A new one is created with a new progrwm number making for a mess.
    If you want your preset to actually work on an aux, youneed to go to the environment mixer, create a midi input, and then tie the input to the aux. if you dont do this, having created the preset on a aux, it will change the setting on a seemingly random track, which msy or may not be the focused track.

    None of this addresses the next problem i had, which was sudden extreme latency. Oh. Lard.


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