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Score problem

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Tony Mergel, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Tony Mergel

    Tony Mergel New Member

    Is there any way to allow the key signatures to be shown in the score page in scroll mode? The key and time signatures are blacked out (barely visible) by the left hand column which displays the instrument names. Thanks, Tony
  3. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

  4. Tony Mergel

    Tony Mergel New Member

    I've sent a note to Apple. I'm concerned that little emphasis is being put on the Score aspect of Logic. I'm a "traditional" composer/orchestrator/arranger and I hope I'm not correct in that assumption.

    Apple: Are you listening?
  5. joegold

    joegold Member

    Hi Tony

    The Score Editor has been neglected by the Logic developers for decades now.
    They've recently added a few minor things but don't hold your breath for any significant developments anytime soon.

    As a matter of fact, they actually ruined the printing of PDFs with the release of Logic X and have not fixed it with any updates yet.

    Details here:

    But even with all that, I still find Logic to be a better environment to write in and generate parts for players than Finale or Sibelius.
    But if the notation has to be publishing quality or close to it or grammatically/conventionally perfect you'll have to use one of those programs.
  6. Tony Mergel

    Tony Mergel New Member

    Good to hear from you Joey. I agree with all you've said but keep hoping that somehow the notation/score system will get better.
  7. joegold

    joegold Member

    Meanwhile, I just checked this and in Linear View (which used to be called Scroll View I believe) it's just as you say, i.e. the primary time and key sigs are greyed out but are visible on the left side of the display.
    But why do you need them not to be greyed out?

    When I first read your message I thought you were upset that they weren't visible at all.
    I only rarely use Linear View and if that were the case it would be pretty confusing.
    But that's not the case.

    Linear View is not what ends up on any sort of printout be it pdf or hard copy.
    Key and time sigs will be fully visible in printouts.
    Also, any secondary key or time sig changes that you insert at later measures will be fully visible in Linear View.
  8. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    This is one of the casualties of Logic X's dark colour scheme.

    I do use linear view a lot and find these clefs to be almost unreadable unless you have your screen brightness up full, which I don't. I've filed a request at Apple Feedback to lighten the sidebar to make the clefs more visible.

    We can only hope for more user control over Logic X's very dark colours in a future update...
  9. joegold

    joegold Member

    Ah, OK. I see.
    My screen brightness is maxxed so it doesn't really affect me.

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