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Scrubbing Audio in Pro X - unhelpful audio sound...

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Barnaby Bass Player, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Barnaby Bass Player

    Barnaby Bass Player New Member

    Hi guys,
    Any comment on this would be helpful. I am using the Audio File Editor in Logic Pro X to identify (and then reduce the gain of) squeaks in an acoustic guitar.
    By the time you have zoomed in close enough to the squeak, its mighty difficult to actually identify the start and end points of the squeak, as the waveform visually has no distinguishing features from the rest of the audio, (unlike many clicks or pops which are obvious).
    So I thought to scrub! However, when you scrub, the audio is pitch shifted (downwards) unless you scrub extremely fast, but then again you can't identify the squeak if you go too fast.
    In short, scrubbing the squeak produces a low pitched very soft sound that is no help.
    Any clues or advice would be welcome. What I need is a scrub that plays sound at the original volume and frequency.
    Interestingly, (at risk of being burnt at the stake!) the scrub feature of my 8 year old Roland VSR-880 hard disc recorder is easier in some ways, BUT not fine enough for very short edits!!
    But I think I just am not doing it properly in Pro X.
  3. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Hi, the scissors tool is your friend here, it allows you to scrub (when holding the mouse button) pretty useful for this job! I don't know if the scrub speed setting (in audio prefs somewhere) has any impact on this!

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  4. Barnaby Bass Player

    Barnaby Bass Player New Member

    Thanks MT..

    Thanks for the idea, yes I was aware of scrubbing with scissors, and will investigate scrub settings! Thanks!
  5. Barnaby Bass Player

    Barnaby Bass Player New Member

    I have answered my own question, as I found out that if you are in Audio File Editor, you can select an area of waveform and set loop on and audition the segment repeatedly (at original pitch, using that loudspeaker sign). Using the Hand tool, that area can be moved left or right, and by this method and adjusting the length (width) of the selected area you can pinpoint the exact part of the waveform you are interested in. In other words its a scrubbing technique with normal volume and normal pitch sound.

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