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Logic 9 SDII File Conversion, figured it out

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by SubBlack, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. SubBlack

    SubBlack New Member

    Hi all I was having a problem converting Sound Designer II files in Logic, but I figured it out and thought I'd share to either a)help other folks or b)see if there's an easier way to fix it. Here's the situation:

    I had around 120 SDII files to convert. I dragged them all into a new project and they played as expected. But when I tried to convert them to any other format (wav or aif) Logic would throw up this error - see attached jpg.

    It ends up that many of these files had filenames such as drumbeatVers.2.L and drumbeatVers.2.R and there were about 80 such files. I removed the additional "." so that the filename now reads drumbeatVers2.L. After doing that (80 times) the files converted correctly.

    So does anyone know a faster way to convert SDII files to wav without renaming, or does anyone know of an auto-renaming app?

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  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    A Better Finder Rename will auto rename, e.g. take out or replace common character/s of a bunch of names.

    I haven't converted SDII files for years, but I imagine at the same time you may want to concert to interleaved,I use Audiofinder for that.
  4. SubBlack

    SubBlack New Member

    Great, thanks for the advice.

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