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Logic 9 Select every third note in long sequence?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by CHROMATIC, Sep 8, 2011.


    CHROMATIC New Member

    Hi LUG!
    So I have a very long sequence of notes. How would I select every other or every third (or whatever) note. Bearing in mind that the nature of the sequence means that it cannot be sliced up into bars.
    Is this possible to do in the Transform window?
    To do this manually would take me multiple lifetimes, and I would make mistakes too.

    This would be so good if I could do this, your help would be awsome, and hello.
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    If they are evenly spaced,e.g.a string of 1/8ths or 16ths you could select by subposition in the event list.

    If not, maybe there is a clever way with some transform function, but beyond my knowledge
  4. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    The Transform condition - "Subposition" is near to what you want I guess (see the pic below). As you see it is very useful, but it can not "count" notes using different durations ( i.e it can not count different notes amount inside the subposition ). Another scenario is a live environment scheme where the note amount inside a bar can be demixed by midi channel (for example). In this scenario you can re-route a given track back to the sequencer and demix it by midi channel - this is real time midi processing and will take some time. Even that I do not expect it is what you want...
    So try the Transform "Subposition" as a starting point.



    CHROMATIC New Member

    Great that looks like it should work I will try as soon as I get in the studio. This would be awesome for putting 7/8 tuplet accents in stuff etc
    Thanks again guys this forum is the best! This will dig me out of a big hole. I am doing some very complicated serial music and was starting to get depressed! Very happy now.
  6. lpagross

    lpagross New Member

    You can definitely do this to every other note using the environment transformer object set to alternating split. Cable the output to two different destinations and feed your sequence in. Choose alternating split as the mode and notes will go to the two outputs alternately. Record them separately, carry out your operation and then recombine the sequences. As for every third note, I'm not sure if this method would work.

    CHROMATIC New Member

    Ahh just had a go and this technique will only work on a once per bar basis i.e it will select just one note in each bar.
    In my music there is only 1 bar. I need to select every 3rd 4th 5th 6th etc for the whole bar.
    Any transform gurus out there? Is this actually possible ?

    The background on this is that the music is keyless and time signatureless!
  8. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    I would do this in the event list (see my post above).

    For a simple example, say I wanted every alternate 8th note in a sequence containing a string of 1/8 notes, I use Edit menu, select by subposition

    select notes in bar 1:,,,,

    Then choose edit menu>select equal subposition

    This then selects all alternate the 1/8 notes in that sequence.

    This is quite limited of course and only works where it is a whole continous string of notes of equal value, but there you go. it might help in some cases.

    I think you can also do this in other editors, e.g. score and piano roll.

    CHROMATIC New Member

    OK I HAVE SUSSED IT! What you need to do is this:
    If you wanted to select every seventh 16th note (for example) in sequence set the time sig to 7/16
    then select the seventh note then select equal sub-positions. Really easy. You could select every other note by making the time sig 2/16. Now go and accent some 7/16 tuplets into those drum fills! Thanks for your help everybody.

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