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Logic 9 Selecting same take in comp folder on various tracks

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by afavreau, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. afavreau

    afavreau Senior member


    I made a group setting out of my 4 audio guitar tracks and enabled Editing. Each track is a comp folder with 6 take. My goal is to Quick Swipe. However, when I select a take on my first track, it doesn't select it on my 3 others.

    How come? What am I doing wrong?

  3. afavreau

    afavreau Senior member

    Is it because I would of moved the take folders by a tick or two or nudged by a few samples?
  4. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hi Andre,

    I do this kind of thing all the time with multi mic'd drum tracks and it works fine. You need to make sure phase locked editing is enabled in the group settings. And yes, it's critical that the start and end position of each region is identical. So, shifting some of them by a few ticks might be the cause of the problem.

    I saw your thread on adjusting the phase between the mics. Unless the mics are really significantly far away from each other (like if one is a room mic ten feet away while the others are all close mic'd) wouldn't just flipping the phase on the out of phase tracks with a gain plug-in do the trick? When I work with my multiple drum mics, I flip the phase on the overheads, and that seems to always do the trick for me.
  5. afavreau

    afavreau Senior member

    Thanks Eli. Yes I discovered that one of my take folders had moved just a bit.

    What I discovered is that: Yes, I could move a take folder or region by ticks or even nudge them by samples to align the phase perfectly, but it's a lot of pain and I risk not being able to edit and correct the timing properly in the end. It is way easier to simply use the Delay parameter.

    So what I did is this: using my ears and the Correlation Meter at the Output, I pan two tracks at a time far left and right and play with the Delay parameter until I find something that sounds rich and is as far right as possible on the meter. I think approaching this way can be more precise than flipping the phase.

    Does that make sense?

    By the way: I do enjoy your tutorials at Groove3. I regularly refer back to them. Thanks.
  6. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hi Andre,

    Yes, that does make sense, and sounds like an interesting workflow. If however you do want to go the route of actually shifting specific take folders in groups by a few samples or ticks, you could always just trim them slightly afterwards, so that they again all share the same start and end time and therefore duration. Just make sure when you are tracking to leave a bit of lead in time at the beginning and extra time at the end, so you have "handles" to trim after the shifting is done.

    And thanks, glad you are enjoying the videos! :)
  7. afavreau

    afavreau Senior member

    Thanks again.

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