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Logic 9 Serious editing like in Pro Tools?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Hansverm, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Hansverm

    Hansverm Member

    I'm a recent convert from Pro Tools. I find myself still returning to Pro Tools when I want to do some serious editing. When I like to remove clicks and zoom in, I find the waveforms in Logic very small. Is there no way to blow up the hight of a track so that it fills your whole screen (see attached pic of Pro Tools)? I might be overlooking something, so maybe anyone has some suggestions?

    thank you for your time!

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  3. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    You can do this in the waveform editor but not the normal track view editor unfortunately. I miss this feature from DP as well. But, as time goes on and I do things better then I find myself not doing as much "surgery" so it's OK. Still it would be nice if they made it so you could really zoom in there!
  4. JuanTahnahmahrah

    JuanTahnahmahrah Senior member

    What size monitor are you using? I assume you found the "mini-pointing finger" that lets you enlarge the individual tracks in the arrange window. And also the horizontal and vertical enlargement elevator sliders.

    If you open a separate sample editor window, you can enlarge it to fill the screen.

    My son learned Protools first. He likes Logic now that he's spent time with it. But he misses the individual pan controls for the faders in the mixer. And he misses the flexibility of rearranging tracks differently in the mixer than the arrange. Although you can rearrange the arrange tracks to rearrange the mixer appearance, Logic also has an "H" button that lets you not only hide mixer window faders, but it has a second feature that lets you hide both the arrange track and the mixer window fader.

    Pressing the "H" button (next to the "walking man and to the left of the edit drop-down button in the arrange window) will add an "H" [hide] button on every track. Clicking one of the "H" buttons will hide the corresponding track in the mixer. Once it is green, if you hit the main "H" button (next to the "walking man"), the main "H" button will turn orange, and both the mix and arrange track will be hidden. In conjunction with 90 different "screen sets," you can achieve many different views.
  5. Hansverm

    Hansverm Member

    22 inch, yes, I know about the pointing finger, but this gets me only a track height of 1/4 of my monitor. I know about the sample editor window, but I presume that you cannot edit audio there (unless it's destructive)?

    PS Yes, I miss the flexibility of the mixer also! Thank you all for your replys

  6. mattrixx

    mattrixx Senior member

    Editing fine clicks and lip smacks in Logic is way better than PTs.

    Linking the Arrange and Sample editor window.... assigning the pencil tool in the Sample editor window as the secondary tool, makes this a breeze.

    Every time you select a region to edit in the Arrange window, the sample edit window is updated to reflect the selection and you can zoom to sample level and use Command to activate the pencil tool and raw out the glitch.

    Of course, you can customise a screenset to make it work exactly the way 'you' want it to work as well.

    It's a lot more flexible than you might assume.
  7. Hansverm

    Hansverm Member

    Thank you all for your reply's.

    Mattrix, thanx for your advice. It made me reread the part of the manual about the sample editor. The thing that first set me off was the fact that everything you do in there is destructive. They advise though, to use of copy of the audio file, which indeed seems the best way to work. You can also zoom screen wide in the sample editor which resembles the way I like to work in Pro Tools.


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