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Logic 9 Setting up a 64 Bit Logic system....

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by HL Studios, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. HL Studios

    HL Studios New Member

    Hi There, I apologize if the info I need is on the group in bits already, but I'm hoping to gather it all in one place :)
    I'm currently running a fairly expanded (with AU's) Logic 9.1.1 system on Leopard, but thanks to ENDLESS out of memory crashes, I want to try a 64 bit system (I have 16GB's of RAM in an 8 core 3GHz mac!). I'm thinking brand new drive, install snow leopard, install new Logic, install my AU's etc, but I remember hearing about having to force Snow Leopard into 64 bit and then selecting a special option to get Logic to run 64 Bit etc. Can any already running Logic 64 Bit , talk me through the process?? Many Thanks in advance,
  3. Lincoln M

    Lincoln M Member

    You don't need to force Snow Leopard into 64 bit - but you will need to open Logic in 64 bit mode. This is done by un-checking the open in 32 bit mode box in the "get info" pane.

    If you do a clean install of SL, Logic, Plugs - you should be good to go.
  4. damirp

    damirp New Member

    Also, make sure to run Logic in 32-bit mode every time you update it - it validates all the AUs properly this way, so they show up in the 32-bit Audio Unit Bridge. (to do this, locate the Logic app, get info, check "run in 32-bit mode" and lunch the program).
  5. Lincoln M

    Lincoln M Member

    Good point Damirp,
    What I have done is duplicate/rename the Logic Ap and use one for 32 and one for 64.

    Works well.
  6. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    If you want to get things up and running within a few hours I'd suggest just cloning your drive using superduper or carbon copy cloner and then update the cloned drive to snowleopard. No reason to reinstall anything! I've done this a lot so as to avoid any down time and it works great.
  7. Hi All,
    I'm on course for a similar transition. I'm currently running logic 9.1 in 32 bit on 10.5.8 as a front end for a protools HD3A system (8.0.1). I'm binning protools and going 64 bit with Snow.L. and core audio converters (Lynx Aurora 24 in & out with 2 AES cards into 2 lynx Aurora's).
    Trusted advice and past experience tells me to nuke the drive and do clean install....Obviously that means re installing EVERYTHING....though I guess I can keep a copy of the old 10.5 Libraries to preserve and copy over user presets / large sample libraries installed there by default etc.(Toontrack stuff being one example).

    I have the bulk of sample libraries ( QL, Omnisphere, RMX, Vienna etc.) on external firewire drives.

    I have no reason (or wish) to keep any Digi software or TDM plugins on the mac, in fact see a possibility (though unlikely, but you never know) of problems if I do.

    Obviously I am massively complicating the chance to convert old TDM songs into core audio, although that has been a cause of pain for quite a while now anyway!! (unless anyone has a secret weapon to achieve this???!!)

    Any advice on the cleanest and swiftest approach to building a solid, bug free 64 bit system is much appreciated.

    Thanx in advance.

  8. Lincoln M

    Lincoln M Member

    I too installed SL "on top" of Leopard - which I had pretty clean anyway - had no issues running great.

    Recently updated to 10.6.3 - sam - running great - however PT does not like 10.6.3 for me. I'm still running PT (rarely) on Leopard on another partition.

    Really diggin the 64 bit app right now - my template is growing and it's all under one roof keeping everything nice and simple!!:)

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