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Logic 8 Setting up Logic on new Mac Pro

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by gtrdash, May 14, 2009.

  1. gtrdash

    gtrdash New Member

    I am getting a new Mac Pro next week and need to better understand setting up my software . I assume if I have 2 hard drives I would install logic and any virtual instruments like Omnisphere on the main drive . I will be starting out with
    only 2 drives so the second drive is used only for recording if I understand
    the order of things correctly ? I have tried to find a reference to this question
    but never seemed to get a clear view of the hard drive order of things. I want
    to get it right the first time so hoping for your input . I know this is a beginner question but that is what I am so "Thank You" for any insight you can give me.. gtrdash....
  3. Howard W

    Howard W Member

    I'm using a two drive system.

    I partition the System drive into two partitions.

    Example: a 360GB drive would be formatted to,
    100GB for system(OSX) and 240 as Storage.

    I only have OSX on the "system partition", I've moved all samples, loops...etc onto the "storage partition". The reason being it keeps my total OS/Programs under 15GB and takes about 6 minutes to make a full system Image using CopyCat.

    Drive 2 is for Audio recording and Logic project folders only.

    In my mind the separation of Loops & Samples from the system makes for a cleaner, speedier working environment, also easier to make system backups.


    p.s. mind you, moving samples & loops plus samples for programs like EZDrummer is a bit time consuming but for me it's worth it.
  4. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    The sensible "Logic plus Audio Units" set up on a Mac Pro seems to me to need three internal drives:

    Drive one - operating system and programs

    Drive two - Logic Projects including Audio

    Drive three - Sample libraries

    The instruments pertaining to the sample libraries could live on drive one, Logic project files could also live there, but it makes sense to me to have logic projects in their own folders containing the project files themsleves along with audio files recorded.

    A major benefit of doing this is based on the assumption that Audio and Sample streaming are spread over two drives, thus lessening the load. From this point of view I would not agree with Howard's method of partitioning his first drive - the read/write head has to then jump between the two partitions, it possibly has to work harder then would be the case with a single partition, or, even better, devoting a seperate drive to samples.

    Just make sure that, for each internal drive, you have corresponding external back up storage - in my case, for each internal drive, I have an external one, as well as that, storing crucial files such as customer projects as a second backup.

    HTH, kind regards

  5. gtrdash

    gtrdash New Member

    Thank you both ! It is very helpful having the input . This is a big deal to me switching
    from a PC and having little experience setting up my own music only computer . A friend
    built my last music only PC in 2004 and it is way out of date......Thanks again !
  6. Howard W

    Howard W Member


    Why would it have to jump between partitions?

    If samples/loops are on 2nd partition/drive1 and Logic projects/audio are on Drive 2.

    Drive1 is OSX Partition + Loop/Sample Partition.

    I agree, three drives is the better solution but the OP mentioned using a two drive system.

  7. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Howard

    Because it has to deal with both content on the second partition, as well as whatever requirements the OS and programs on the first partition may make.

    I know, and that is a fair point, but as a Mac Pro can have up to four internal drives, it makes sense to me to make use of them, all the more so as HDs have gotten so cheap.

    I will however admit to a certain bias, coming from building my own PCs and having the restriction back then of having only two internal slots on the G5.

    kind regards

  8. gtrdash

    gtrdash New Member

    With hard drive prices being so good right now that seem right to me going with 3 drives. I want to optimized so Logic runs as smooth as possible . I figure Omnisphere takes up a lot
    of hard drive space so like I am doing now on my (USB2 drive with my very inadequate PC) I can move the large sample library to drive 3 in the very near future. I just am in deep for now so had to scrape to add the 2nd drive...It drives me crazy that I have to upgrade every piece of the puzzle to pull this off . I have a nice Aardvark that is in perfect condition but useless for the Mac or even a new PC . It sounds wonderful but
    now it is just a sketch pad on an old puter ..... I am excited however about going to Logic and the new Mac pro ! (broke but excited) ed....
  9. Howard W

    Howard W Member

    >Hi Howard

    >Because it has to deal with both content on the second partition, as well as whatever >requirements the OS and programs on the first partition may make.

    Ok, fair enough, however... Logic loads into RAM, so the only OS action I can see would possibly be swap files and/or journaling. If you have enough RAM swap files/page outs aren't going to be a problem and I have journaling off on all drives. (I back up the system partition every week) The reason I'm asking is I converted my fairly extensive Gigastudio library and have been running it off the sample partition for some time now without problems. Checking activity monitor shows no page outs and I don't hear the drive working hard, for a modest setup this seems to work well. (Dual G5).


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