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Setting up Program / Bank changes to external Triton Rack - HELP

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by grinningallday, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. grinningallday

    grinningallday New Member

    Greetings Logic fellows.

    Much like those before me, I too am puzzled by the infamous challenge of attempting to change programs/banks on an external midi device. Despite perusing many a forum, and even downloading environments with pre-built settings, sadly, I am failing in this endeavor. If you could help me discover what I am missing, I would be grateful, please.

    My goal:
    Change banks and programs for a Triton Rack (TR) from the channel strip within Logic (set to an external midi device).

    What I've accomplished so far:
    • Correctly identified the midi port the TR is physically connected to: Port 1
    • Set TR global Midi channel to 11
    • Enabled the following: Program Change, Bank, Combi, After T, Ctrl Change, Exclusive
    • Set BANK MAP to GM(2), (as opposed to KORG)

    • Set up external midi track
    • Set port to Port 1
    • Set Midi Channel to 11
    • Pasted all TR patch names into 5 banks within a Multi-Instrument by double clicking on the track header and then copying & pasting
    • Set BANK MESSAGE to: Control 32
    • Unchecked "Use GM drum program names for channel 10"

    I can play my midi controller keyboard, and trigger notes on the Triton. I receive audio, and can record midi. Woo hoo.

    What I cannot do is change banks or even patches via the channel strip. :( I have a feeling there are 1 or 2 cheeky settings that I'm overlooking. Any help would be terrific.

    • Logic 10.0.3
    • OSX 10.8.4
    • Mac Pro, 2 x 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 24 GB ram
    • Cakewalk UM-3G midi hub
    • Mackie Onxy 1220i sound card
    • Korg Triton Rack
  3. grinningallday

    grinningallday New Member

  4. Marcusmax

    Marcusmax New Member

    Not sure I can help much but I successfully got a Roland JV-1010 to work with full access to all banks in Logic 9. I just opened it up in X, without the module connected, and took a screenshot of the environment and channel strip menu to see if any of those settings spark off anything for you in terms of something you may have missed. The environment shows the module with bank 1 selected and all the patches from it listed. It is a long time since I used this so I can't remember in detail what I did but it definitely all worked.

    I hope this may be of some use. The image is hard to see/read but this is the largest I was allowed to upload. If I click on the disclosure triangles to the right of both Program and Bank I can call up all the banks and patches easily.

    Attached Files:

  5. grinningallday

    grinningallday New Member

    Much appreciated, Marcus. Thank you!

    I rebuild the Environment in Logic 9 and imported it into Logic X. It now works; I can change patches and banks successfully. Using the same settings as before, so have no clue why it wouldn't work in Logic X before. Just grateful to be up and running again.

    Thanks again for taking a stab. :)
  6. Marcusmax

    Marcusmax New Member

    That's great to hear Jonathan. Yeah, sometimes these things are a bit of a mystery. Must check out my own setup and see if the Roland still works as it used to..

    Glad you're back in business!

    All the best, Mark

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