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Should I bother with Reaktor 5?

Discussion in 'Audio Units: Effect and Instrument Plugins' started by yousufma, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. yousufma

    yousufma New Member

    I make a lot of pop/electronic/glitch music using Logic 8 and Reason 4. I'm pretty knowledgeable with the ins and outs of all things Reason, and I'm slowly becoming more and more comfortable with Logic's composition tools.

    Problem is, I'm also a gear/software whore.

    I've heard some pretty amazing things about Reaktor 5's softsynths and drum machines, but my question is, if I've got Logic and Reason, do I really need Reaktor? What can it offer me that both Logic and Rsn can't?
  3. mattrixx

    mattrixx Senior member

    Reaktor is pretty amazing... Especially if you are inclined to build your own instruments and effects (which I am not) and there is a pretty amazing library by users at NativeInstruments site.
  4. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    3000+ user ensembles plus the ability to Do Your Own instruments and effects.
    It's my main source of sound, mostly selfmade stuff, a must for me.
    Only problem it has some sync issues when using sequenced stuff.. this is mostly not noticeable.. but i do notice it..
    Also OSX version is much more CPU hungry than PC one, so if you do not have a new MAC beware :)
  5. yousufma

    yousufma New Member

    reaktor does sound pretty tempting. are there any audiomulch users that wanna throw in their two cents about it? they're releasing a mac osx version this june, so it's kinda down between reaktor and audiomulch for me
  6. davecake

    davecake New Member

    Reaktor 5 is a bunch of great synths and effects and tools -- and once you have Reaktor 5 you can go on from there to start picking up absolutely state of the art stuff like Reaktor Spark and the two Electronic Instruments collections. It looks like it goes fabulously with Kore as well.

    Plus it is a link into some fabulous community creations. And a really nice toolkit for doing your own synth and sound design.

    I think of Audiomulch and its relatives (I like Plogue Bidule myself) as working at a bit of a higher level than Reaktor, though there is some overlap. Reaktor is best for building your own synths and effects and sound modules -- AudioMulch etc are particularly great for stringing those things together with your normal working tools into a piece of music.

    Compared to Reason, Reaktor can work at a lot lower level -- Reason can combine synths and samples and effects together in novel ways, Reaktor can create do that but also original synths and effects, practically down to the component level.
  7. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    i own also bidule.. it perfectly integrates with my stuff done with reaktor..
    what is Audiomulch.. never heard.. googling..
  8. yousufma

    yousufma New Member

    Really? It seems like, with the modular nature of Reaktor, you could combine synths/samples/effects in ways up to and including Reason's novel ways and above and beyond the capabilities that reason offers.

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