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Logic 9 Slicing analysis

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Rafa, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Rafa

    Rafa Senior member

    I've just started using the flex tool for the first time moments ago. When i chose the slicing mode, Logic analysed every audio file in my session, even those that I didn't want to edit. It obviously took forever!

    How can I choose the audio files that really need to analysed?

  3. Janne

    Janne Member

    I don't know about Your project, but I had a similar experience and after a while I realized that when enabling Flex mode for a track, all tracks with the same group setting/no will also be analysed...

  4. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, AFAIU that is intentional. If you need to analyze a single track, make sure it is not grouped with others.

    My personal experiences with Flex lead me to believe that in order to fully understand how it does what it does and be able to use it to its full potential (and I don't by any means claim to have gotten there yet) you have to devote quite some time to learning all of its facets. Read the documents and keep practicing :)

    kind regards

  5. Janne

    Janne Member

    I expected it would if I had selected the options in the group dialog related to flex, but in my case I only had Rec selected for this group...
  6. Rafa

    Rafa Senior member

    I fully understand what you mean. I started this thread in the heat of the moment, and posted it prematurely. After my first 5 hour session with flex yesterday, I'm beginning to understand what it is all about.
    Sure it has some bugs, a lot of grey areas (and I really do mean a lot), but the result of yesterday's editing session really blew me away!
    It's the dawn of a new era! The editing technique has changed completely, and while I would really like to have those bugs fixed, and make all grey areas turn into green pastures, I can be patient because it is a really wicked tool!

    Thanks Mark, thanks everybody in Logic, I'm loving it!

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