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Logic X Smart controls - new to LPX

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Mused, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Mused

    Mused New Member

    Hi I recently upgraded from Logic 9 so am trying to get my head around Smart controls. I have watched the Groove3 video on this but am still unclear about some aspects. I tried making a smart control for the u-he Runciter filter but if I save it to Patches/Effects it doesn't even show in the library - it only shows if I save it to the Patches/Instruments folder which is strange. Also if I click on it it deletes any instrument I already have in the track, which defeats the whole point. I thought patches were supposed to be an advance on channelstrips but they still have this annoying behaviour that channelstrips already had (tbh I'm not clear on how patches are different from C strips - I have already saved hundreds of channelstrips in Logic 9 so am more used to this).

    I'm also finding even with Logic effects the smart controls for them do not show if I have an instrument loaded first, even if I have the little blue triangle next to the effect slot, their own smart control only appears if I delete the instrument from its slot. That is also weird but I suspect I am missing something there. I wish the Groove 3 video was more helpful on this. It should be that the smart control appears for whatever plugin has focus surely? Or at least there must be some way to switch between more than one control panel but I can't see it.

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