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Snap to Grid nightmare

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by adnoya, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. adnoya

    adnoya New Member

    Does anyone know when they're going to fix the god awful snap to grid functions in logic X? It's making me consider jumping ship. I can't waste 2 hours of my work flow zooming in and miserably trying to line the audio file up EVERY SINGLE TIME. I've tried everything, I've read anything. Does anyone know if this is even on apple's radar? and if so did they fire the idiot that's responsible for that bit of programming? hopefully?

    >: [
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    What problems specifically are you having? If you don't like the way the Smart Grid works, use the fixed value settings. They work fine in my experience.
  4. adnoya

    adnoya New Member

    When I want to drag an audio file right to the bar line, it will either go slightly before or slightly after. Never directly on the line unless I zoom in ALL THE WAY EVERY TIME which takes a stupid unecessary chunk of time out of my workflow which is bad when I have a lot of deadlines. It's unacceptable that's like DAW 101. Neither of those options you mentioned have worked at all I have literally tried everything and I'm not the only person with this complaint either. I wonder if there's a way to contact someone at apple.
  5. adnoya

    adnoya New Member

    Logic Pro X Snapping To Grid Failure

    Does anyone have any idea how to get in touch with the developers about this? this is a very serious bug fix. Those of us with deadlines cannot be spending the the extra couple hours making sure the audio actually lined up properly, that is bush league.

    Snap to grid is basic DAW 101. Logic 9 did it perfectly, so did all of its predecessors. This is a huge blunder but I do not want to use UnAbleton or any other DAWs for that matter. You still can't even save channel strip setting in pro tools. Help!
  6. erik schaepers

    erik schaepers New Member

    I just sent the following to Apple via the Bug Report page. Hope they will read it..!

    "Greetings, I am a music producer , have been on Logic and its predesessors for almost 20 years. I upgraded to Logic Pro X around 3 months ago.
    First off, I agree with those who complain about erratic Snap to Grid behaviour. We can not lose our time dragging sequences to the correct position. (even that doesn't work sometimes) So, PLEASE fix this.
    Second, where is the function Select next Partbox Symbol? Those of us who are used to clicking notes into the score editor, it is essential to have that shortcut. Selecting note values with the mouse is slowing us down by more than 50 percent in the work flow. Please re-add this feature.
    Thanks for our time,

    P.S. is there a problem with MOTU interfaces? my ultralite mk3 keeps disappearing during the logic session, very strange."
  7. adnoya

    adnoya New Member

    There is a big report page? link me I'll send something too, I'll try to keep the rage factor out of it haha.

    Erik in regards to those interfaces there is actually a new update adressing the problem of audio interfaces not being read or disappearing. I feel like they really jumped the gun on this program. Could have used a few more months of tightening. I however cannot live without flex pitch/time or the new sound engine.

  8. erik schaepers

    erik schaepers New Member

    yes, Logic X has a function Provide Logic Pro Feedback in the main menu, next to the apple logo top left
  9. erik schaepers

    erik schaepers New Member

    where did you see that update ? I am on Logic 10.0.6 and App store says there are no updates available .
    Or did you mean OS updates?
  10. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Did you try turning alignment guides off?

    kind regards


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