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Snow Leopard...

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by mk3, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    ...released from its cage.

    Let's hope Logic plays nicely with the little kitten.

  3. cyril

    cyril Member

    Apple France told me that Logic 9 was 64 bits
    On other forum a Beta tester they said you have to wait for 9.1

    so what ???
  4. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    I'm getting it and will put it on my laptop to test. I like experiments!
  5. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    I ordered it already. We'll see...
  6. mmm42

    mmm42 Senior member

    64 Bits can mean many things, e.g. Logic 5 has 64 bit DSP processing in areas, where the the additional bits help. Logic 7 or 8 supports more than 4GB (32 bit) long files.
  7. Ben Gerrold

    Ben Gerrold New Member

    So neither of them know what they are talking about. :)
  8. LSchefman

    LSchefman Senior member

    I'm installing 10.6 tonight. It defaults to 32 bits. I can't imagine Logic 9 not working with it, since they both came out around the same time.

    I'll update as to any problems or issues. I have a TON of AU plugs, so I'll keep a list of what is, and is not, working. I'll post the ones I have problems with.

    The odd thing is that I use it professionally, and know I should wait, but I like to screw around with this stuff, and don't have a project in the works this weekend. So we shall see!
  9. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    Before you install, check for compatibility with any third-party audio drivers you might be using also...!
  10. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

  11. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    MOTU has posted new drives, both MIDI and Audio, by the way, for Snow Leopard compatibility.
  12. bscenefilms

    bscenefilms New Member

    Well, as I recently learned, only the KERNEL defaults to 32 bit. You can hold down the 6 and 4 keys after the startup chime to switch it into 64 bit kernel. However, doing this may break some drivers. That being said I have tested it with some NI, IK and ToonTrack plugins and they all work.

    A nice new feature in SL is if you option-click the speaker in the menu bar you can assign in/out right from there.
  13. cyril

    cyril Member

    on Motu's site :

    MOTU engineering teams are hard at work developing support for Snow Leopard's new, optional 64-bit mode.
    For now, however, Snow Leopard defaults to 32-bit mode, and all newer Mac models that have the ability to support 64-bit mode (from late 2008 onward) default to 32-bit mode.

    Therefore, until 64-bit support becomes more widespread for the Mac in general, MOTU recommends running Snow Leopard in 32-bit mode. Stay tuned to for future announcements about 64-bit support in MOTU hardware drivers and software products.
  14. LSchefman

    LSchefman Senior member

    >>MOTU has posted new drives, both MIDI and Audio, by the way, for Snow Leopard compatibility.<<

    The firewire driver came out about two months ago, but the midi driver is new. MOTU's site notes that Ethno is not working, and I can confirm this. Trying to load it or even do the AU validation crashes Logic.

    Here's what's not working for me with Logic 9 and Snow Leopard, besides Ethno:

    Predator, Circle and Symptohm work in Logic 9 (for some reason, Predator comes up with the "reverse" side onscreen instead of the control side, but clicking on it returns the plug to working status), but they crash Kore 2.1, whereas they worked in Kore 2.1 before.

    Independence Pro 2.5.1 works, but the font used when I'm loading sounds looks jagged.

    Kore 2.1 works in L9 with 10.6 with everything else I have tested, including all the NI plugs, all the Lin Plug stuff, the other Rob Papen plugs, the Arturia stuff, all the AAS stuff, the Image Line AU plugs, and the new FXpansion plugs. Kontakt 3.5 is fine.

    Waves API, JJP, GTR3, and other Waves bundles seem to work fine. All Sonalksis and Sonnox plugs seem to work fine. All of the IK plugs I've tried so far work including the instruments and the effects.

    I'll keep reporting as I go, but so far, so good. I've noticed a few glitches in overall operation; for example, selecting several Aux channels in the Mixer to include in the Arrange window so I can automate them caused the mouse pointer to go slow and jumpy. A restart fixed this.

    I've had my wireless keyboard get "lost" a couple of times, but simply pressing the ON button again allows the Mac to find it very quickly.

    It's feeling a bit like being a beta tester with this, but it's kind of fun. And clearly, I can work without too much problem, so...I'm actually glad I upgraded just for that.
  15. mmm42

    mmm42 Senior member

    If you machine doesn't have 32GB or more of physical memory installed, booting the kernel into 64 bit mode, is useless. That's why Apple doesn't do it by default.
  16. bscenefilms

    bscenefilms New Member

    Well, my wife's machine has 32GB but mine has a mere 6 in it :)
  17. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    Create Digital Music is also running a so-called "Snow Leopard Watch" page, continuously updated with information on compatibility of music/audio hardware and software:
  18. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

  19. mattrixx

    mattrixx Senior member

    I have installed on my MBPro and all is sweet! RME FF800, NI Komplete5, WAVES Gold, Melodyne Studio, Live8, ProTools LE8, no problems so far.

    Just waiting for my MacPro clone to finish before I give that a run.
  20. mattrixx

    mattrixx Senior member

    MacPro running with no problems! Yay!

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