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Logic 9 Solo Lock Bug Still In Logic 9!!

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by sohosteve, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. sohosteve

    sohosteve Member

    As far as I know this has been a known issue throughout the last couple of versions of Logic Pro.
    Has anyone found a way around this nightmare problem?
    For those that don't know what I'm talking about; sometimes, when creating a new track Logic decides to make it a Solo Lock track. ie if you solo something else from the mixer Solo Lock tracks will play regardless unless you actually mute the Solo Lock tracks.
    You can tell the difference between a normal track and a Solo Lock track because in the channel strip the solo button is red.
    There is no logic (no pun intended) as to when Logic decides to dump some of these annoying f***ers into your arrangement. :angryfire:
    Often, if you create 10 new audio tracks, 3 may be Solo Locked, or maybe 2, or maybe none at all.
    Control clicking on the red solo button does temporarily take off the solo lock but you can guarantee, a few minutes later, it has reverted back to it's Solo Lock status. :brkwl:
    I really cannot believe that Apple have not sorted this out yet. It's certainly been there since Logic 8 and is a known issue. Or at least the amount of posts thrown up by a Google search a year ago and even now, suggest that.
    Come on Apple get your finger out and sort this out!!
    Logic Pro? I'm starting to wonder what the 'Pro' actually stands for! :deviltail:
  3. sohosteve

    sohosteve Member

    Actually there are some errors in my post that I corrected and then hit the wrong button so my corrections got lost.
    The Solo Lock button is not red. It has a red line running through it.
  4. Jay Asher

    Jay Asher Senior member

    If having some bugs makes software not "pro" then there are no "pro" apps. Steve.
  5. sohosteve

    sohosteve Member

    Thanks for that Jay.
    Really helpful.
    I've been using Logic, pretty much every day since 2001 and I'm just astounded and totally frustrated by this current bug.
    I was hoping someone may have found a fix. Especially since it's been a known problem since Logic 8! What's that, 2 years, heading for 3??
    Evidently, despite having written a book about Logic 9, even you haven't, or you'd have mentioned it!
  6. Jay Asher

    Jay Asher Senior member

    I cannot reproduce that bug since 9.1 but that does not mean that it does not exist.

    I understand your frustration but one of the hallmarks of a well adjusted person is not having to express frustration by making hyperbolic statements.
  7. jonperl

    jonperl Member

    This bug has only occurred for me when using songs, projects or templates that originated in earlier versions (maybe pre-7?). Not for files started from scratch in recent version.

    You can "freshen up" our old files by starting a brand new file and using the Session IMport feature in the File Browser it import _Everything_ from the old session into the new, and ten use that as a new template. Let us know if the problem persists!
  8. jonperl

    jonperl Member

    --and sorry for the multiple typing errors!
  9. sohosteve

    sohosteve Member

    Now that is more like it!
    A real suggested fix.
    And that makes perfect sense, as I had, until recently, been using a default song...
    Thanks so much for that, Jonperl.
    It's a rework of an old (Logic 8) song that is causing all the frustration to me at the moment.
    And that is one of the new functions that I do love about Logic, the joy of importing whatever you want from earlier songs using the Browser Import Function.
    Thanks again
  10. Jay Asher

    Jay Asher Senior member

    Good call.
  11. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    Hi Steve,

    Jon's suggestion is a good one. I had odd problems when changing to new versions of Logic, until I scrapped my old Autoload song which I had been updating since v5 or v6. Since using a clean starting point, no problems.

    One more thing:
    Apple don't visit these forums so if you have a reapeatable bug or a feature request, you really need to submit these at

    Hope you're sorted now.....

  12. Roger Jackson

    Roger Jackson Member

    This is due to the way Logic now (since L8) creates tracks automatically as you need them.
    It has to leave a track solo safe for Klopfgeist and for monitoring your sample edit page through. It does this by making the highest numbered channels solo safe. If you are using a template from L7 or earlier, then you will get this on our highest numbered tracks. It isn't a problem in post L8, as with every new project Logic creates a high numbered channel - usually 256 to keep as solo safe. BTW if you *are* using a pre-L8 template, you might have hidden busses in there which can also cause loss of hair to anyone you get to mix your tracks!

    Roger Jackson
    Film Music
    Oxford UK
  13. sohosteve

    sohosteve Member

    Thanks for your full and highly informed explanation as to why this has been happening.
    In fact, thanks to everyone who helped me solve what was an infuriating problem!
    You guys rock :thmbup:
  14. bkirsh

    bkirsh New Member

    Solo Lock Bug Even When Starting From New Song

    I'm experiencing the same bug. However, in my case it's always the last track created when creating a new song from scratch - the solo button gets locked. So, I find it occurring even when creating from a completely new start.

    Any more ideas about it?

  15. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    AFAIU, this is expected behaviour, Bernie. As Roger wrote:

    Perhaps this is of help:

    kind regards

  16. bkirsh

    bkirsh New Member

    Solo Lock Bug Resolved


    Thanks so much for the answer. I received the same reference from another thread, as well. So this is a known way to deal with this issue. I was deleting the Prelisten channel strip and didn't relate the two.


  17. sohosteve

    sohosteve Member

    At least I thought it was sorted!
    I started a brand new song. Even threw away my old 'default' song template.
    The annoying solo lock on random tracks disappeared.
    But hey! Guess what?
    It's back again!
    On new songs.
    Occasionally, Logic, in it's infinite 'wisdom' will decide to create a solo locked track. So so so so so frustrating, in the middle of a 60 track mix, so solo an instrument only to find that one out of 20 bvs is creeping through. :brkwl:
    Not only that, after 10 years of using Logic for 8-12 hours almost every day it's started doing other random nonsense that I can't make head nor tail of.
    However much I noodle with 'Smart' (now there's a misnomer if ever there was one) Snap(or any of the other settings), in occasional songs, regions will not stay where I place them.
    I carefully put them where I want them to be. But as soon as I release the mouse they jump to a different place!!
    The only way around it is to copy the region to much later than I want it, then it will let me drag it to my favoured position.
    Or I have to zoom in so close that I'm almost moving regions by ticks.
    That one has almost brought me to my knees during several really hectic sessions.
    Any ideas?
    And due to past experiences, I need to request that any lame comments about how I express myself be left in the trash with any over active geek egos.
    After all, English is a language that is as expressive, free and evolving as the breeze, or time itself.
    And if you don't understand how or why someone else expresses themselves, is it any reason to criticise it?
    Or is this where the thought police reign?
    I hope that doesn't offend the more sensitive natured of my fellow anoraks.
    And with any luck, others here will be more interested in the meat and potatoes of my post, than the fact that I may have added too much seasoning.
    Ho hum.....

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