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Somebody help me. Apple doesn't seem to care since Jobs passed on.

Discussion in 'The Moan Zone' started by jrmag, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. jrmag

    jrmag New Member

    Can anyone point me in a direction which might actually cause Apple to follow through on my problem? I was running Logic 9 Studio quite happily on my iMac @ OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) when I had a crash. I got everything back but had to re-load my Logic 9 from scratch. OK, no problem. All 10 discs loaded, mounted, serial # entered, accepted … but wait AFTER I've entered the serial number for Logic 9 I need to enter the serial number from my original purchase (in this case Logic 6) or insert the Apple Key (dongle) from version 7.

    The 'logic' behind all this (pun intended) is self apparent - Apple can only maintain control of their "upgrades" prices @ $199 by ensuring that each Logic owner can prove the validity of their purchase (upgrade) in some way. They have chosen to opt for the "show me your dongle" approach.

    Since I jumped into the Apple Logic show at v.6 I paid $600 for the first version after Apple bought the German company eMagic in 2002 just to get Logic and they were off to the races. After all was loaded, mounted and the serial number which came with Logic 9 were accepted of course I couldn't find either my Apple Key or serial number for v.7. Even though I produced the original emails from Apple with the receipt number, the Purchase Order and a second email with the shipping notice, the Fed Ex Tracking #, etc., that wasn't good enough.

    Does anybody have any ideas that don't involve using "cracked" versions of the programme? I'd be eternally grateful.


    Ron Magness

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