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Discussion in 'Logic Wishlist' started by micdim, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. micdim

    micdim New Member

    Please include a Song List feature in Logic Pro. What's the problem with Apple!
    If we had a song list feature, where we can change songs on the fly, just by moving the list around with the mouse, that would solve so much for so many live performers. As it stands now many live performers are using other sequencers like Sonar (me included) for their live situations just because of the Song List feature. (Which by the way has many feature for live situations)
    We as full time musicians need a sequencer that has a Song List feature so we can use it's full midi in/out capabilities to trigger our Floor pedals automatically, use it with Video so that it is in sync with our audio, and of coarse have our trusted controllers play sounds from Logic, and or trigger another song if we choose not to use the Song List.
    I've been asking Apple for this feature for years! What's the problem Apple? :brkwl:
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Uh, hate to point out the obvious, you could easily use markers for this type of a thing, couldn't you? Or maybe folders and event mode, each folder contains a song, use the event list to select which song you want to play...

    No problem, you just gotta be a bit creative.
  4. Eddie Sullivan

    Eddie Sullivan Senior member

    Also- Mainstage cannot do this for you?
  5. micdim

    micdim New Member

    Thanks for your responses!
    We shouldn't have to use an other Program, but My understanding is that Mainstage doesn't have a timeline to record midi, such as a floor board, so that it can send out midi Program/control Changes to external instruments such as a Guitar Processors at certain times in the timeline. Also MainStage cannot work with Video, and it's way to cumbersome. Why should we have to use another program when Logic can do it all. The only thing missing is a Song List.

    Also I'm well aware of Markers, but using Markers is not the same as a Song List. A song list opens up the actual song you've worked on individually, so all your songs are opened song by song, and then closed.
    For example: In Sonar (which I hate using) you can use the Song List Application to automatically go to next song, Manually go to next song. Put a pause of any length between starting next song automatically. Change song order by just moving list around on the fly. This is what needs to be implemented into Logic. A simple solutions that works for Live situations.

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