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Song Select Event

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by antmon, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. antmon

    antmon New Member

    Hello guys, i need your help! I have to change the "song" on my Yamaha MOX from a Logic Project, during live sessions. I read about MetaEvent 50 but it seems to send no data to my device.
    The message should consist in a Status Byte (F3H) followed by a Data Byte (nn, song position). Is there a way to send status and data byte to an external device? Or is there something to do with Meta 50? Thank you:brkwl:

    PS: i tried also to send two differnt Meta47 (Send Byte to MIDI), first with F3 (243) and then with 00 (for the first song, for example). However, nothing happened...
  3. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    This is a Logic (old) specific Meta event which never worked as described in the Documentation (it could be in the former Notator times). I wonder why Apple still keep it documented?
    You must refer to the Yamaha documentation and see what MIDI message you need to change the device song via MIDI if it is possible at all.
  4. antmon

    antmon New Member

    Thank you for the answer! Anyway, that's what is written in the manual:
    The Song/Pattern can be changed only via the Song Select (Song: F3, 00 – F3, 3F / Pattern: F3, 00 – F3, 3F).

    As i said, i have to send a status byte (F3) and a data byte (nn) but i don't know how to do it in Logic. The F3H byte should be send with the Meta50 but if it doesn't work...:/
  5. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    Can you get the keyboard to send a song select message, record in Logic and store it in a region as a sysex message?
  6. antmon

    antmon New Member

    If think it's not possible because a "Song Select" message is a System Common message so no System Exclusive data would be recorded. Moreover this kind of message allows me to jump from a song to another also if they aren't near each other while, directly from the keyboard, i'm able to switch to the next or the previous..

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