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sound and lights show made ​​with Logic 9

Discussion in 'LUG Media Station' started by f0f7, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. f0f7

    f0f7 New Member


    Here is a small production of a sound and light show that I realized.

    the sound produced with Logic 9, as virtual synths with ten VSL Vienna Instruments, a EVP88, a es2 with orchestral and EXS24 kit.

    For video I used, toshop, C4D, and Modul8 motion 5 for animation and editing.


    This event is also a contest of international mapping video, I will not hide that I got involved, and I expect on the community has encouraged me if you enjoyed my work.

    If you vote for the 4 "bénéfice du rêve" I might be lucky enough that my project was broadcast on the true theater of the city, one of three finalists will be and is subject to a jury. Well I have not done in 3D has everything going, I suspected there would too much for me in this area, my prod is a bit figurative, and leaves alot of room for imagination and dreams.

    Original music course

    thank you in advance for your votes :)

    The others are nice as well

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