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Soundcloud Quality Decrease

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by sPlashedm, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. sPlashedm

    sPlashedm New Member

    Ok so I apologize if this is an essay.

    I've seen maybe 20 threads about this problem on different websites in which I've done everything that i've read might help. Basically, when I upload my music to Soundcloud (my DJ Duo takes our releases seriously under a record label) the quality (specifically on the high end, but some on the low) significantly decreases. So here's my current process containing the steps I've taken over the past 5 devastating weeks to fix this... I might even miss some:

    I began by telling myself "Ok, so obviously I'm not mastering my tracks correctly." So I went back into my project and worked on remastering it. This thought caused a WHOLE WEEK of online mastering bootcamp where I gathered the most useful mastering information from over 50 video tutorials and website tips. I went back into Soundcloud to find the same results, maybe even worse. I knew by this time that my mastering could not be the case since my .Wavs outside of soundcloud are coming out crystal clear.

    So I proceeded to Soundcloud faq's to read that tracks will always encode to 128 kbps, which caused me to try uploading the same track of ALL shapes and sizes (wav, mp3, aiff, etc.). Not one of these forms made a difference in the quality.

    So I began to question my own knowledge in mixing and mastering again. I went back and tried out some new things. Since all of my high frequencies were sounding somewhat airy, crackly, or I guess muddy, I attempted high pass filtering all of my synths that belong in the high frequencies, also adding things such as a low cut in the mastering process as well as a high cut to prevents frequencies to raise above certain numbers. I paid close attention to my EQing to make sure that there was no frequencies in the mid-high range standing out too much. At this point, I was almost ruining my song my trying so hard just for soundcloud.

    I then went back and re-read the FAQ by soundcloud about quality loss which stated "Leave some headroom." Even though I had already peak limited at -.1 db, I decided I was desperate enough to give up on the loudness war and I tried uploading a relatively quiet track to see if I was pushing through hard through soundclouds output. AND THAT DIDN'T EVEN WORK.

    I would love to just give up and say that there's no possible way. However, there are millions of professional EDM artists out there who upload beautiful quality tracks to soundcloud.

    After reading every forum I could possibly find on this topic, the above methods have all been suggested to the people with the same problem, and every person has deemed them unsuccessful

  3. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Hi have you tried uploading the tracks as wavs? It seems that no matter what you send soundcloud always reencodes, try starting with a higher quality file it might help.

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  4. sPlashedm

    sPlashedm New Member

    I've Tried wavs, mp3s, aiffs, aifs, and flacs of all different speeds
  5. robitaille59

    robitaille59 New Member

    You haven't said anything about this, I'm about to start using soundcloud myself and would like to learn from your experience.
  6. Daniel Gallagher

    Daniel Gallagher New Member

    I don't understand. Soundcloud obviously have some sonic limitations.

    Have you considered that these artists you are comparing yourself against might have a special account with unlimited quality uploads? I mean, I wouldn't expose my mu$ic in a shitty media if I could pay for it to be lossless.

    Just a thought.

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