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SoundDiver by Redmatica

Discussion in 'Audio Units: Effect and Instrument Plugins' started by dgbaddorf, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. dgbaddorf

    dgbaddorf New Member

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for making great products. Any chance Redmatica will take over SoundDiver?
  3. Andrea Gozzi

    Andrea Gozzi New Member

    Hi dgbaddorf,
    unfortunately I usually do not comment on unannounced possible (or not possible) future projects. In this case, however, I can tell you that we see several areas where Redmatica can innovate and offer something relevant and "special", and SoundDiver (or a SoundDiver clone) is not one of them....

    Thank you for the feedback!

  4. dgbaddorf

    dgbaddorf New Member

    Thanks for your reply, Andrea. Not to belabor the point but I bet that a very high percentage of Logic users have hardware synths and that they all would be interested in SoundDiver. Also, it could fit in nicely with your products especially AutoSampler. The amount of work to bring the beta version up to snuff seems minimal and you could have a full blown product that's already known to most Logic users very quickly. If others on the forum agree chime in.
  5. Andrea Gozzi

    Andrea Gozzi New Member

    From a technical point of view, you are seriously underestimating the effort involved. The last released version of SoundDiver was not a universal binary (i,.e. it was powerpc only), and was using technologies as carbon+quickdraw, which are discontinued and will probably stop working in future versions of OSX.

    ... and then Sounddiver's code is property of Apple, and Redmatica is not Apple!

    This means a complete rewrite from scratch to support synths which are not even supported anymore by the respective manufacturer....

  6. dgbaddorf

    dgbaddorf New Member

    My programming naivete has shown forth brightly. Sorry about that - I got a little excited.

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