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Logic 9 Spanish percussion?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by benst, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. benst

    benst New Member


    I'm looking for some samples like castagnettes and hand claps that one usually associates with spanish flamenco dances. I could not find any included with Logic 9, any ideas where I could find these (free or cheap)?

  3. Ethan Stoller

    Ethan Stoller New Member

    East West's Gypsy has some good, if not great, samples for Spanish music, but that is not cheap.

    A more reasonably priced library I recommend is Tonehammer's Anti-Drum Vol. 1

    Some good hand clap and boot stomp samples along with a bunch of other fun hits. I like everything I've used by Tonehammer.
  4. benst

    benst New Member

    Thanks Ethan, I checked Anti-Drum out, but it doesn't include castanets as far as I can see. Another one (Clack) does, but buying two libraries becomes costly.

  5. Ethan Stoller

    Ethan Stoller New Member

    There are some castanets included in Logic 9 after all. In the EXS24, open Factory>Orchestra>Percussion>Orchestral Kit. Castanets are triggered at C#5 thru D#5.
  6. benst

    benst New Member

    Thanks! I'll check that out.


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