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Logic 9 Stereo Output vs. Output 1-2

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by mk3, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    Hello, all -

    Would someone kindly clarify the relationship between the so-called Stereo Output and Output 1-2? By default these refer to the same output.

    However, if one changes the preferences:
    Preference:I/O Assignments:Stereo:Output
    ...to another output pair, confusion results.

    If one changes the setting to another pair, such as Output 3-4, the audio will indeed flow out through physical hardware Output 3-4, but the channel strip which shows the audio metering of the mix, and which responds to pan, mute, volume, etc, is still the one labeled "Stereo Out / Output 1-2". This is first of all a confusion in naming: the name "Stereo Out" should now be assigned to the chosen output, 3-4, but it is not. Furthermore, the channel strip of Output 3-4 shows no activity and does not respond, even though audio is coming properly through Output 3-4 of the interface.

    Any clarification would be very helpful!

    Thank you.


  3. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    I often use the built-in digital output on my Mac when I'm working purely "in the box". In this case, my sound comes from a strip called Output 1-2 which is also labelled Stereo Out. If I select my firewire interface for audio, the other outputs are enabled, and when I send the sound to 3-4, it does play through the channel strip called Output 3-4.

    Are you changing the Audio Prefs in Logic to a different Output Device? If not, this may be the problem...
  4. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    Dear Colin,
    Thank you for the reply...
    I always use the same output device on this system, which is the MOTU Traveler mk3, a FireWire interface. I sometimes use the analogue outs of the MOTU (Outputs 1-2 in Logic) but more often use the S/PDIF outputs (which appear as Outputs 11-12 in Logic).

    If I just route the sound to Output 11-12 directly, sound goes out 11-12 and Channel Strip 11-12 is correctly showing that sound. However, if instead I choose Output 11-12 as the Stereo output (in the Preferences:Audio:I/O Assignments:Output), sound again correctly plays through 11-12, but the Channel Strip 11-12 does NOT show that sound; rather channel strip 1-2 still shows the sound on the meters, and is still named Stereo Out. I would expect that by changing this preference, Channel Strip 11-12 would now be called Stereo Out, and that channel strip should now show and control the audio.

    So either I am missing something, or the behavior is quite inconsistent...?



    The Logic manual advises that when
  5. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    P.S. There are two concerns here:

    1. An apparent nomenclature confusion:
    On one hand, Stereo Output apparently always refers to Output 1-2 (and one cannot change this in the Audio I/O Labels settings).
    On the other hand, in the Preferences, one can assign any output pair to be the Stereo Output.
    This really seems like an inconsistency. The latter behavior makes more sense, but it makes no sense to have it both ways.

    2. A Mixer problem.
    Changing the Preference of the Stereo Out does not properly update the Mixer.
    Even though the audio is actually being routed properly, as set in the Prefs, the Mixer shows it wrong.
  6. KOiL

    KOiL New Member

    Same issue here.....

    I have a new system Yamaha 02R96 and RME RayDat logic Pro 9 latest version. I have this odd label in my outputs called Stereo Output, which is quite frustrating. I cannot change the label, and I get no output to my RME card on OP 1&2.

    I have quite a bit of experience, and have used the RME card and 02R96 with a PPC and Logic 8 with no problems as well as 3 other systems with a DM2000 a 02R V2 and Sony DMXR100. I'd appreciate any input from the group on this topic.
  7. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Yes, I agree this is horribly confusing. What bugs me is that if you decide to assign another output pair, other than 1-2, to be defined as the "stereo output" in the preferences; you effectively then lose any control over your outputs 1-2.
  8. nathanscribe

    nathanscribe New Member

    Hi, first post here. I'm having the same problem, with an A&H Zed R16. Is it the case that outputs 1 & 2 can't be used as dedicated mono outputs? If so that seems ridiculous.
  9. nathanscribe

    nathanscribe New Member

    OK, I think I've found the answer.

    I'm using an Allen & Heath Zed R16 Firewire mixer, but I'm guessing the routing I'm about to describe will work with other interfaces too, differences considered.

    Basically, on the Zed, there are 16 mono channels (1-16) and the main L&R faders (17 & 18). There is a button on the panel to route a generic stereo feed to these faders, allowing play of iTunes material etc. without any special routing. It is labelled "Dig Master".

    My setup is as follows:

    1) In OSX's Audio/MIDI setup, select Main L&R for the speakers (for me, the Zed's 17&18 main Dig Master outs)

    2) In Logic 9 audio prefs, set "Stereo Out" to 1 & 2 and uncheck mirroring.

    3) In Logic's mixer (or wherever you like to choose your routing) allocate any channel strips you want to go to a generic stereo mix to "17&18" (ie., whichever your main outputs are - NOT "Stereo Out").

    4) The channel strip labelled "Stereo Out" is actually just 1 & 2, so click the mono/stereo switch and make it mono. It now is labelled "Output 1".

    Despite it still being labelled "Stereo Out" in the drop-down menu when allocating channel outputs, the output is actually just the regular 1 & 2 output channel/s. This allows mono channel strips in Logic to be routed to the full complement of physical outputs, and also retain a generic stereo feed to what for me is "Dig Master" - the main stereo output of my system. Wherever I want a stereo feed out - say, a rough mix - I route the channels to 17&18, not "stereo out".

    Hope that info is of use to others - bearing in mind the differences between systems.
  10. Jan Inge Iversen

    Jan Inge Iversen New Member

    But the problem is that you still cant control 1 & 2 as seperate mono channels in a direct recording mode (with retur at the same channels), you will loose channel 2, and 1 & 2 will not pass through the seperate return, but through the stereo out (DigOut)?

    I use the A&H GS-R24, and have the same problem. It want return the signal correctly on channel 1&2.
    Stupid solution.

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