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Logic 9 Stormdrum2 Multi-timbral instrument setup: only receiving CC1, 11 and 12 data on CH1

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by misha, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. misha

    misha New Member


    I'm missing something here. I created a multi-timbral instrument in my Logic 9 session for SD2, to be able to make use of the midi performances. When I drag one of the midi performance .mids to my session, the tracks map correctly to channels 1 - 8, no problem.

    Now, I was expecting that I'd have individual volume, pan, and filter control (at least) over each channel's instrument from my Oxygen 49 - and so is EW. In fact, the EW manual says this:

    CRITICAL NOTE: It is important to confirm your sequencer is receiving CC11, CC12 and CC1.
    To test this, load any program and confirm that CC11 changes volume, CC12 changes
    panning and CC1 (the Mod Wheel) opens and closes the filter. If this is not functioning,
    change the settings in your sequencer that filter out MIDI messages.

    However, I had to use the Learn button to get the volume, panning and filter frequency working in channel 1 (in this case the Hang Drum patch). And I can't just tug on the same controls in Learn mode to map the same CC controllers to other channels -- that seems to only affect channel 1, even if I have another instrument and track in the arrange window and the Play control panel selected. Any ideas? Is this an environment thing? See screenshot. THANKS in advance for any insight.

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