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Logic Studio apps Strange issue in performance mode

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by Uwe Rodi, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Uwe Rodi

    Uwe Rodi Member

    Hi together,
    yesterday I had a strange thing on a mainstage project.
    I use a Macbook Pro I7 (early 2011) with mainstage 2.2, a Saffire pro 24 Interface for Audio and for Midi in from my LMK4+ (Masterkeyboard), a Logitec Midi Interface for my Nord Electro and a Korg Nanokey2 for triggering some Playback Files and Effect Samples.
    At the beginning everything was working fine. I use the LMK4 for changing the patches via programm change. But after a few minutes (or a few patch changes) the patches don´t change anymore. When I switch to the Edit Mode everything was working but in Performance or Full Scrreen Mode - no Patch changes. I played the gig in edit mode but that´s not so good because the Performance mode stops things like automatical backups etc.
    Does anyone know this or even better a have an idea for a solution?
    Greetings Uwe
  3. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    While I've not run across that problem, I've seen MainStage get quirky...If you have the time on the gig, a restart often takes care of problems.
  4. Brian Stone

    Brian Stone Member

    what level did you map your program change>patch change buttons?

    If you map them at a set level, they would only work while you are in that set. If you switch out, they would stop working.

    Make sure you make mappings at the concert level if you want them to persist across all patches.

    Also, try using MainStage 2.2.1.
  5. Uwe Rodi

    Uwe Rodi Member

    First, thanks for your replies.
    I found the problem. In the manual i saw this:
    To defer a patch change
    In the Attributes tab of the Patch Inspector, select the Defer Patch Change checkbox. Note: Deferring patch change works in Perform mode and Full Screen mode but does
    not work when you are editing patches in Edit mode.
    In some patches i had marked the defer patch change. After changing this everything works fine.
    Greetings Uwe
  6. Brian Stone

    Brian Stone Member

    Ahh, great feedback. Thanks!
  7. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    You know, I knew this at one time, but I didn't even think of it as it been so long since I've dealt with it. Thanks for bringing it to the current level of memory.....

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